Health and Beauty: Yanzsoap from Taiwan

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Singapore has extended #CircuitBreaker period and it’s time to do our bestest best to contain Coronavirus. Social Distancing, Stay-Home-Stay-Safe policy and Maintaining Hygiene are the key components in this battle against Corona.

I’m experimenting with lots of products that help to keep family safe. On our review table, we have Yanzsoap today!

What we liked?

⛳ Lovely fragrance and mild even for sensitive skin. Kids can use it too.
⛳ One soap and multiple uses – it’s all natural, anti-bacterial.
⛳ It works well on skin problems like redness and itch. Excellent cleanser.
⛳ You can use it as a soap or as a lotion/cream by mixing a bit of it in the hot water.
⛳ It’s lovingly made in Taiwan and uses only Hi-quality ingredients.
⛳ Its gentle foam and aromatic fragrance cleanses hands thoroughly.
⛳ Simple and no-fuss packaging and shipping is available to Singapore.

How to get your Yanzsoap?

With love from Taiwan, Yanzsoap is a great friend to have during this #Coronatime.


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