Work From Home First Hand Tips for Moms

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Under the #newnormal many of us are working from home full time or at least partially under staggered work arrangements. We all have appreciated some unlikely benefits of lockdowns but at the same time, Working from Home is not that rosy especially for health.

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Here are our First Hand tips on making the most of the #wfhlife and #momlife while maintaining health quotient high.

  • FOLLOW THE ROUTINE – When we are #wfh there is natural tendency to slack. Since we don’t have to get ready, commute and go to the office, we tend to get a bit casual about time. To avoid this slack, it’s best that we follow some routine. Get up on time, have breakfast, take shower and look presentable for meetings sets the ball rolling for an active day.
  • GET ADEQUATE SLEEP – Disruptions in the sleep time and duration has been one of the major challenges that I faced in the initial days of #circuitbreakersg . Just because we are at home doesn’t means each night becomes #netflix night. I have made it a point that I get at least 6-7 hours of #beautysleep even while WFH.
  • DRINK ENOUGH WATER and keep yourself hydrated – When I am at home, I tend to drink less H2O and that’s not a good habit. So now what I ensure is that there is always my water bottle on my table. Water is life even during #wfhlife
  • EAT MODERATELY – Working from home means snacking more and eating more ? Yes very much possible so to avoid become a balloon it’s good that we control the tongue. Eat lesser quantity of food and include lots of #greens and #fibre
  • MOVE – There’s always a danger of becoming a couch potato that’s prone to attract Weight gain, UTI, bloatedness, gastric and many more lifestyle diseases. So what I do is – go on long walks with my hubby, go for grocery shopping, go and sweat it out in condo gym at least a few times in a week. #moveitmoveit
  • CREATE CONDUCIVE WORK FROM HOME ENVIRONMENT – If possible, get a separate room, comfortable chair and table and ergonomic devices like laptop stand.
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  • MAKE SIMPLE, QUICK AND HEALTHY MEALS – Elaborate cooking can be saved for the weekends. For working from home days, it’s best to keep things short and sweet when it comes to lunch and dinner. There are plenty of healthier options available on #foodpandasg and #grabfood
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  • ASSIGN WORK TO KIDS WHILE YOU ARE WFH – When the routine is set for kids, half of the mom’s work is done. While you are working from home, kids can focus on their activities.
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What’s your mantra to keep fit while WFH? Share with us 💚


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