Relationships: Should Jealousy be always the other name of Women?
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Jealousy thy name is woman! We have heard this many times and let’s be frank here about the truth or partial truth about it. As a woman (for that matter even men can be extremely jealous), it’s quite naturally to feel jealous about other women. How we handle this jealousy or how far we stretch it or how we eliminate it completely or to a great extent is the main point.


It all starts from school days?

Did we all have that one Friend who always seemed to be the shining star?! She excelled in studies, looked very beautiful, was Teacher’s pet and could dance n sing too.

I remember in my school days, though I was one of the best students, there used to be someone who would beat me by 1 mark etc. How I used to cry over that lost rank! Thankfully, my parents and grandparents never ever encouraged my J feelings and always made me see the mirror and helped to improve upon my own mistakes and negative emotions.

Good thing is that these episodes of jealousy lasted for a very temporary period and those friendships I will cherish for life.

Mostly material stuff

Her dress is better than mine, her bag is costlier than mine, her skin is smoother than me. She earns more than me! Don’t you think jealousy is the emotion that is mostly fed on material things?

I mean yes all this stuff matters but how much we should let it affect us?

Danger to turn Negative

Jealousy when paid more attention to can overpower you completely. You literally can’t think of any better stuff to do than bicker about your life, keep gossiping about other women and ultimately wasting your precious time and energy.

This negativity takes you only in one direction and that is SOUTHWARDS.

Should Jealousy be always the other name of Women? No, not at all…

NO, not at all. Based on my experience and interaction with other women, here are some pointers that definitely work:

  • Acknowledge your feelings – you can tell lies to the entire world but not to yourself. Are you feeling jealous? Perfectly fine. Accept it and take mental note of it. Half the batter won here.
  • Dissect your Jealousy – what’s the exact pain point? What’s making you jealous of other women? Their beauty, fame, wealth, intelligence? Why it is affecting you?
  • Laugh it off – Many times the reasons of jealousy are super petty and needs a good laugh. Good laugh at your own mind and how it makes you dance to its tune.
  • Initiate positive action – After step 1,2 and 3 you are in better control now. Dealing with jealousy is actually not that difficult. You can either shut up your thought process by ignoring useless thoughts or channelize your jealousy into genuine appreciation of the other women. Pick up some skill and explore your own unique special traits. Indulge into meaningful activities and up your ante.

As you now have the knack of handling negative feelings in better way, you will actually feel empowered and who knows will be soon in a position where people get jealous of you and not vice-versa.


All the best my dear ladies. Let’s all prove together that women support women and they can surely strive not to  mar this spirit with jealousy!

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