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Time flies and it’s already 3rd day of the brand new year. So, first of all Happy New Year to all of you. 2018 for SocialMediaMomSG was special because this is year it got launched. Thanks to our parent site RainbowDiaries for that!

Key happenings in 2018 for SocialMediaMomSG.com

1. Season 3 of Mom N Me Fashionista

Indian event scene is pretty happening in Singapore and we wanted to come up with something which is not run of the mill and which is exclusively for ladies especially moms – a place where they can be themselves without any presence and can explore their talents which probably even they didn’t know they had. To fill this GAP, we conceptualized Mom N Me Fashionista event.

Season 1 got superb response and Season 2 was launched based on public demand which also went well amazingly.

Season 3 had its own luck though. What started off with an estimate of 100 pax event went on to arguably become one of the biggest moms event for Indians in Singapore. 350+ pax and we had to deny tickets to many because it was almost a gate-crashing situation!


While Mom N Me Fashionista Season 3 became HIT and got telecast on Sony Channel and all, we as organizers also learnt a few valuable lessons. Most important lesson was how Social Media can be used positively to spread happiness and how negativity of any form should be kept at bay!

For those who want to read about Blockbuster Season 3 of Mom N Me Fashionista, here is the link.

2. #SocialMediaMomSG #SwitchOnRealLife campaign for Positivity

Our Momtribe started the Phase 1 of this campaign spearheaded by a select group of 16 amazing moms and momprenuers who have used Social Media positively for their own growth as a person and for empowering others by sharing knowledge, happiness and care.

To meet our 16 champions, click here!

Phase 1 Champions

Phase 1 went viral and we had more moms who wanted to be the part #SocialMediaMomSG #SwitchOnRealLife campaign for Positivity. These are our Phase 2 Social Media Moms for you.

3. Our SocialMediaMomSG WhatsApp group

One thing led to another. WhatsApp is the most preferred and quick communication channel now a days and we have this active WhatsApp group of all moms who have been a part of our events and campaigns at some point in time. Ever-ready to help each other and resourceful group I must say!

4. Doughworkz by PastaMania Christmas Pizza Baking Workshop

Our Social Media Moms were invited by Pastamania to bake Christmas Tree Pizza with the kids. It was such a yummy fun! Read more in detail here.

It was an intriguing year of SocialMediaMomSG. Though we are still in an infant stage, we are quite an active infant. Isn’t it? Looking forward to a super 2019! Keep showering your love and blessings on this baby.

Are you into a venture that is all about kids /ladies /families? Then do contact us to reach out to Singapore moms, kids and families. We are among TOP 15 bloggers in Singapore with a thriving Instagram and Facebook Family! Or simply drop us a word on SocialMediaMomSG@gmail.com or Whatsapp on 9387 4661 / 8691 2055.

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