Keeping hydrated with Thermos® Disney ’Mickey Go Singapore’

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Time to take care, stay safe and drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Lets believe and leverage the POWER of WATER and to keep us hydrated, it’s always nothing but THERMOS!

Thermos® Disney ’Mickey Go Singapore’ Range returns with some amazingly cool local designs. Very Singapore…

We have used and loved the earlier Mickey range too and read on to find more about these new attractions.

The latest limited-edition Singapore Exclusive Local Design 2019 series
by Thermos® features the return of Mickey, the world’s most iconic mouse, in whole new ways.

The products, comprising of three tumbler designs are simply captivating and very convenient to use. Not to mention they are environment friendly.

The new Thermos® Disney ’Mickey Go Singapore’ series features three best-selling tumbler models, transformed with exclusive designs on matte exteriors, available only in Singapore. They are limited edition.

When our most favorite iconic mouse brings Singlish lingo like “so atas,” “can meh,” “super garang” to life, sipping hot or cold drinks or water becomes truly a big fun. Mickey also gets caught in the act of enjoying well-loved local snacks such as Curry Puff, Nasi Lemak and Ice Bandung on one of the tumblers.

This is the fifth series of Singapore Exclusive products launched by Thermos Singapore annually since 2015. An endearing and practical collectible or gift for locals and overseas visitors alike, the series includes the ultra-light Thermos® JNL-501DSS Disney ‘Mickey Go Singapore’ One-Push Tumbler, with a removable spout for easy cleaning. The tumbler’s leak-proof drink lid with one-push button and lock ring is both ergonomic and pleasing to the eye.

Mickey fans who are active and frequently on the go will love the Thermos® JNO-500DSS and JNO-501DSS Disney ‘Mickey Go Singapore’ Ultra-Light Tumbler, that showcase familiar local catchphrases and Singaporean treats. Reach for a hearty gulp of hot or cold beverages easily by turning the 160-degree twist-open cap of the ultra-light weight and leak-proof tumblers, available in Strawberry Red and Black.

Other products in the series

  • The cheerful Mickey and Minnie Mouse will light up every toddler and child’s day, with new designs added to the best-selling Foogo Straw Bottles series.
  • Start cooking your favourite dishes at the stove and let them complete to culinary perfection while you are on the go, with the versatile Thermos® TCRA-1800 Shuttle Chef®
  • Take a small step in a zero-waste journey by saying no to single-use disposable cutlery. Thermos® fans can complete their dining experience with the new Thermos® Spoon & Chopsticks Set.

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