Free samples inside! These Spicy Fava Beans are yummy…

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Snacktime is the best time because that gives you an opportunity to bond with your family and friends over some random topics and awesome snacks. I’m happily munching these Spicy Fava Beans by Sung Chi Food Industrial Company and not only me but my kids are loving it too.

From where I got these Spicy Fava Beans that otherwise I hadn’t eaten before?

Credit goes to WORLDiBUY which is a cross-border e-commerce platform from Taiwan. They are working with over 25 channels globally and ship to over 100 countries, allowing you to buy products from different parts of the world anytime, anywhere! So that makes it possible for the customer to literally get the best from all over the world. I am saying thanks to Sample Store too because some of these goodies are available to buy on Sample Store, including Spicy Fava Beans by Sung Chi Food Industrial Company.

What I liked about Spicy Fava Beans?

First things first. I love spicy food so the spicy flavor or mala flavor of Spicy Fava Beans was the major attraction for me and great that it didn’t disappoint. Secondly, the broad beans are catered from Australia and they are baked in low heat so as to retain the protein and other nutrients. No added preservatives and chemical additives! All these factors make these Spicy Fava Beans a better option for health too.

Secondly, the broad beans have exciting ingredients. Apart from beans, there is vegetable oil, wild pepper, Chinese red pepper and rock salt. My family loved this concoction of flavors and finished all in no time.

Are you tempted to try out? Redeem the samples and purchase the product at:

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