More moms join us for #SocialMediaMomSG positivity campaign

Sharing is Caring!

Social Media can be a heaven or hell – it depends on which side you want to be! While we see lots of mud slinging and gossiping, spreading rumours on the Social Media, we at have always chosen to be on the Sunshine side of it. We kickstarted this campaign for spreading positivity on Social Media last year with some amazing moms [Read about it here] . Second phase got equally great response.

Here we are with the third phase of it with more beautiful moms who believe that Social Media is for supporting each other and spread happiness.


Dina is a beautiful working mom who we have seen always supporting other moms wholeheartedly. For her, Social Media is the best platform to share my passion, life experiences, to spread Love , Support Encourage and Empower all Mom’s , Women and girls out their in the world. Believe Love and respect yourself for the world will follow you.


When we first met Sonam, we didn’t feel that we are meeting her for the first time. Those friendly vibes she gives are hard to miss and resist! Sonam is a proud wife of her handsome husband and a mother to a super cute 2 years boy. She uses Social Media to learn new things like recipes and tips n tricks that are tried and tested by others. She thanks Social Media to help her to keep her family healthy and happy.



This fashion mompreneur says that Life is all about the moments you create and Fashion is the instant language! Akhila creates exclusive and elegant clothing n jewelry as per the taste of an individual. She is also an Indian classical dancer and teach kids too. Multitalented we say! Not to forget that she does all this while parenting her 5 yr Angel!!


This beautiful lady is a mom of 10 yrs old princess. Kalpana always comes across as a confident, energetic, loving woman who is passionate about her work. She is an explorer by nature and she thanks Social media for helping her to expand her horizons and to make new friends.


Madhuri is an IT professional and mom of a little angel. Social media empowers her personally and professionally. Through social media, she is able to help her little one pursue her passions and to venture into various new platforms.


Meet Ritika Shravan – an effervescent mother of 2. She believes that what happens on Social media stays on Google forever and hence we have to be responsible. Ritika takes pride in using the Social Media platform for supporting other moms. She also loves to use Social Media to figure out “how-to-dos”.



Priyanka is a professional makeover artist and beauty influencer. The passion and admiration for makeup was always her dream and she chased it. She helps people look even more beautiful and adds that glam, elegance and style quotient to boost their confidence.


Mother of two and proud Homemaker, Haindavi takes pride in being a homemaker but she maintains that she is not just a homemaker. She has carved her own identity by sharing useful events and other information on Social Media. She is the one of the most supportive moms we have met on Social Media. So when you need any information, feel free to approach Haindavi and she will gladly help you.


Pooja is a passionate teacher, artist, story teller and yes, she is a YouTuber too. You must watch and subscribe to her channel “Pooja Singh Stories with Puppets & Props”. As a mom, Pooja loves her journey of caring and sharing with her twins and family.


Durga is a qualified Engineer and a ever-smiling Mom of one beautiful girl. She always believes that if you stay positive, work hard then you goal will be definitely achieved.


Patil is a software engineer by profession and she is in Singapore for last 2 years. Music, Social Media and photographing her 3 years old daughter are her favourite pastimes.


Shonali is a very active Social Media user who gives all the credit to it for giving her wings to fly! Her hidden passion for modelling and acting is bearing the fruits of appreciation in various events all thanks to Social Media. This Post-Graduate from NIFT, India is a mother of 2 beautiful angels. Her cooking skills are slowly becoming the go-to thing for many households in Singapore.


The first thing you notice about Prashvita is her beautiful unique name! Born and brought up in the Maximum City of Mumbai, Prashvita has done MBA in Finance. She is a go-getter who gives all her hard work when it comes to achieving the goals.


We have met Sonia on a couple of occasions and one word that comes to our mind – a Calm Mama! Sonia is mother of 7 year old and believes in living a humble and happy life. Social media has helped her to connect to positive people around the world and helped her to rekindle her creative skills.



We know delicate Deepika for quite some time. She has been always a delight to talk to and work with. She is a wife, a mother and a gorgeous woman. Social Media keeps her energized and helps her to grow.




  1. This is a great initiative by your group. It was really nice to read about all these mothers coming together for this cause.

  2. How fantastic! So good to see so many moms here. May our tribe grow 😁😁 We definitely need more and more Positivity everywhere and especially on social media!

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