SocialMediaMomSG Meetup at 79 After Dark

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We recently had our meetup at 79 After Dark and this time we chose to have it on a weekend. Many moms couldn’t attend due to errands, hubby having work day and overall crazy routine of weekends but it was heartening to see many of them made it a point to attend ditching all the weekend work. We had really fun time!!!

The idea was to meet our virtual friends in real and we now can proudly say that our Momtribe is now grown even bigger, more supportive, even more stronger and we literally get solutions to all our problems on our #SocialMediaMomSG group.

It was enlightening to see moms open up about their struggles, their triumphs about parenting and overall life. We learnt a lot and it was a HUGE inspiration. Never felt that we are meeting these moms for the first time. We just met, chatted, ate and yes, danced too!!!

Those who couldn’t attend, take a dekko at these pics and am sure, it will bring big smile on your face.

Are you a member of our WhatsApp group? Oh by the way, one group is already FULL and we are opening up another one very soon. All you have to do is PM your friends numbers to us and we will add them to the group. ONLY ONE CONDITION: Be a part of our events, meetups and discussions and use Social Media positively.

Here is a link to ALL pics of the meetup:

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  1. Looks like u had great fun. Had a look at pics its a fun way to interact with moms .. Lot of things open up when we meet new people.

  2. It is wonderful to meet and greet like-minded people and especially if they are from the same working community. I am sure you all had a great time.

  3. That’s so cool! It’s great to meet virtual friends in real… I will definitely share this with my mommy friends!

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