#SocialMediaMomSG Meet, Greet N Eat

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Touchwood…our Social Media Mom SG website, FB page, FB group and WhatsApp group is working in tandem towards our objective of promoting the positive use of Social Media among Singapore ladies. This community spirit of #SocialMediaMomSG moms was clearly visible when we had our first Meet, Greet N Eat session recently.

The message was loud and clear from this session:

Sorry but gossiping, hate talks and spreading rumours on Social Media and otherwise also is so passé!!! Now, Collaboration, supporting each other is a way to go…

So that’s our big group of mamas and that’s just a glimpse of it.

Here is a complete set of pics for your viewing pleasure. Pls feel to download and share! because it’s always the best to spread love ❤️

Click here

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