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Motherhood is a life-changing journey for all women. With this beautiful phase, also come lots of questions and doubts. One of the most important and common worries that a mother has is – Whether my baby is getting enough sleep, why the baby keeps getting up every now and then through the night, why afternoon nap is such a battle for my child and so on. We got into an insightful conversation with Mrs. Zoe Chu AKA SG Supernanny -Asia’s Leading Baby and Child Sleep Expert. Lets hear it straight from the expert and get your FAQs answered.

For the uninitiated, who is this SG Supernanny? What makes her Sleep Baby Sleep program so different?

Zoe Chu aka SG Supernanny is a baby and child sleep expert, author of the book Sleep Baby Sleep! and a parenting speaker. She’s also a mother of 4 kids including a set of twins and she got into this sleep business because her twins were not sleeping well at all when she was a first time mom. She can relate to all the struggles that most tired and sleep deprived moms are going through being an ex-mombie herself.

She has been in this sleep business for more than 7 years. Her mission is to empower all the tired and struggling families out there that they too can kiss goodbye to sleepless nights and get back their precious sleep through SG SuperNanny’s simple and proven 5 steps baby sleep system. Her Sleep Baby Sleep Program has this 5 steps system that’s simple to understand and easy to follow. It’s proven to work and you will get your success story too if you follow through them consistently.

Here are your FAQs answered by SG Supernanny.

My baby can only nap longer when he’s in the baby hammock.

Sleeping in the hammock is not the safest place for your baby to get his restful sleep. There are lots of risks factors to consider such as difficulty for your baby to breathe if he rolled to the side, he might injure himself if he falls out of the hammock or worse if the hammock is not of good quality and the spring gets detached from the base causing the baby to fall. The main reason why your baby is able to sleep longer in the hammock is because your baby associates the rocking motion as soothing and it helps to lull him back to sleep if he wakes up from one  of his sleep cycles. My advice is always to get your baby to sleep in the cot where it’s the safest. Your baby needs to learn to settle to sleep in his own cot. When he rouses between sleep cycles, if he finds the condition he fell asleep in is still the same i.e. no rocking, then he can resettle back to sleep easily without having to be rocked to connect to the next cycle.

Do you have any sleep tips when I go on a holiday with my baby?

  • Please be mindful of your baby’s awake time even when you are out and about. Try to get him to have naps even if you are on the go either on the stroller or when you baby wear him. Try not to over-schedule yourself. Go with the flow. Maybe your baby will be able to handle the stretch. Look at his sleepy cues – if you find that each time you put him down for his nap or bedtime and he screams his head off then you know he’s overtired. So, try to avoid over-scheduling if you can help it. 
  • When at a new sleep environment, try not to bed share if you could. Give him his own portable cot and bring his sleeping toys and bedsheets and try to mimic the same sleep setting at home as much as you could. You should try to give him his own space if possible.Your baby already has the right sleep skills so generally he’s going to be able to sleep anywhere. He might test his boundaries a little due to the change of environment but always believe he’s still capable of self-settling. Maybe the first couple of nights, if he is finding it hard to settle into the new sleep environment or he might be too overtired from the journey, try having a bit of quiet time together – you might want to nurse him or pat him a little to settle him but generally he’s able to self soothe on his own.
  • Jetlag is tough for all of us, not just for babies. It would probably take a day or two or more to get over the jetlag. Expose your baby to lots of sunlight during the day and darkness for bedtime and try to adjust his body clock as much as you can. If there is a change in time zone, always try to get your baby to adapt to the holiday destination’s timezone and get baby to stay awake even though it may be nighttime at your home country.
  • Even if you lose your way during the holiday and had no choice but to nurse, rock or cuddle your baby to sleep, it’s okay! Just go with the flow and enjoy your holidays! When you return home, start the sleep plan again. The good news is retraining your baby won’t be as hard as the first time!
  • Enjoy your holidays but do try to prioritize his sleep whenever you can. Always remember a well-rested child will settle down better and sleep better!

My baby seems to be teething and he’s having problems sleeping through.

It is a myth that teething disrupts sleep. Teething always get blamed when our babies are not sleeping well. It’s not the main reason why they are not sleeping well. Usually sleep associations and overtiredness are the real reasons why babies wake up multiple times at night.

I have discussed this subject with multiple parents some who are dentists and my own husband who is a dentist have confirmed teething does not disrupt sleep. Now do some kids get grumpier or fussier sometimes when they get teeth? Totally. 

If you are concerned about your child’s teething, you can always give your child’s teething toys or teething gel during his wake time. Chewing on teething toys will help with their itchy gums. If your baby needs some comfort, of course you can go in to comfort them but just make sure your baby don’t fall asleep in your arms or they need to be picked up all the time, just continue to let your child self settle on his own.

Follow your PD’s recommendation when it comes to teething but do not begin to assist your child to fall asleep.

Do you recommend giving a pacifier or dummy to my child?

Ok let’s talk about pacifier and let’s make sure we are on the same page. To me, less is more. Pacifier is a form of sleep prop because if your child is relying on something external to help him fall asleep, then that is a sleep prop. It is a sleep association. Your child is going to need that pacifier when they wake up in between their sleep cycles and find that the pacifier is no longer in their mouth, so they are going to cry and protest so that you will actually come back into the room and give them the pacifier. To me, pacifier is a sleep prop and it’s going to make it harder for you to sleep train your child. So best way to get rid of a pacifier is that you just going to have to go cold turkey, you have to put your baby into the cot without the pacifier. I know it’s not going to be easy, your child will protest but the protest won’t be for very long and your child will learn to fall asleep without the pacifier. To me that’s the best thing you can give to your child, the gift of self settling

Should I use nightlight in my baby’s room?

No you don’t have to use any night light at all. Let your child sleep without a night light as darkness is your friend. Melatonin the sleep hormone that helps your child fall asleep and stay asleep is produced in darkness.

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