Parenting: How this mom ensures Sibling Bonding for her kids

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Family plays on important role in every human being’s life. Even in this fast pace world, emotions, relationships have a major impact in each and every life, so as sibling bond.

Parents in today’s world are very busy professionally and personally. It’s high time to spend quality time with kids and family. Parents have to ensure greater sibling bond since childhood.

Here are some pointers based on my own experience:

  • Kids have to bond physically during playtimes and emotionally with each other in absence of parents. As a parent, it is essential to spend time with the kids to make them understand the importance of mutual care, love and respect. 
  • Develop individuality in kids as they grow up is also a key factor. It builds their self confidence and they can use it to empower each other. However, it has to be nurtured well that it does not sour their relationship with their siblings.
  • Sharing and caring is another essential quality to cultivate in the siblings through which they can feel the love and warmth they have for one another.
  • Kids are sharp and silent observers, they grab most by watching their parents rather than hearing to what parents say. So, parents need to demonstrate the behaviour they would want their kids to follow.
  • Parents play extremely vital role in identifying the issues and directing the kids to walk the right path to get along even during difficult times. Bring up the sense of “WE/OURs” rather than “I AM/MINE” in the kids.
  • Parents can always share the good old times they had with their siblings which can stand as an example for the kids. Parents have to create a positive and happier environment between the siblings.
  • Parents cruise through various stages of their kids and will come across lot of challenges. It’s important that parents should continue to put constant efforts, caring and protecting kids.

Parents should inculcate all the necessary elements since childhood. Both mother and father must have equal contribution for greater sibling bond.

Lavanya J.

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  1. The bond of siblings is irreplaceable and unbreakable, even if they fight like cats and dogs! These are some fabulous tips to strengthen this bond even further.

  2. Sibling bond is something that must develop and stay strong over the years for their own sake. I try to make my kids bond by letting them do stuff together like playing, studying and even reading story books.

  3. With parents away at work and hard pressed for spending quality time with kids, Sibling bonding assumes more significance. They need to be trained to bond better and care for each other mutually.

  4. You have written this so beautifully. Every point is so well described and put in words. It’s very important to teach kids the importance of siblings .

  5. WHen most of us remember sibling rivalry, bonding between sibling makes it crucial to be discussed and learned about. These tips look really practical and easy to do.

  6. I wasn’t aware that one needs to pay special attention towards developing bonding between siblings… I always thought it came naturally… but I am really glad I got to know so much! Of course, sibling bonding is one of the best feelings!

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