Sensational Cakes of Sinsations by Radhika

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We are going for Sinsations by Radhika’s Open House soon and can’t wait to taste the awesomeness of:

Cakes like:

  • Orange cake with caramelized orange slices.
  • Rose-flavoured Semolina cake with pistachios and rose petals.
  • Marble cake with chocolate ganache frosting.

And Desserts like:

  • Raspberry mousse.
  • Lime panna cotta.
  • A selection of cookies and brownies.

While we are waiting to taste cake-licious delights there, here is a little piece of info about Sinsations by Radhika. Do check out their Social Media:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | E-mail

About Sinsations-By-Radhika

  • Sinsations By Radhika is a boutique bakery and confectionary that conceptualizes, creates and delivers made-to-order cakes and desserts for special occasions and special groups
  • Sinsations By Radhika was born out of Radhika’s desire to create happiness – to see people’s eyes light up when they see something that has been created especially for them.
  • Sinsations By Radhika is a crystallization of Radhika’s passion. A passion for all things sweet. A passion for perfection. A passion to create the perfect cake, that melt-in-the-mouth frosting, those delectable cupcakes. A passion to create an amazing experience (now!) and an everlasting memory (forever!) for every occasion.

Sinsations By Radhika offers two product lines:

  • First, a wide variety of cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cookies and other sinful temptations for every kind of celebration – birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, get-togethers and goodbyes – customized for your family, for the occasion, and completely unique to you.
  • Second, a specialized line of cakes and desserts for people with special dietary needs. These include vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, nut-free and egg-free cakes, created with special ingredients and under the most stringent of conditions. The miracle is that unless you were told, you would never know that these were any different from their more sinful siblings!

Sinsations By Radhika starts by understanding the customer, their occasion and their desires. Once the customer’s chosen theme, flavor, style, scheme and structure are crystallized, Sinsations By Radhika designs and creates the bespoke cake that is unique to and perfect for the occasion and the celebrant, creating unabashed joy and indelible memory.

About Radhika Sheshashayee

Radhika Sheshashayee is a Founder and Director of Sinsations by Radhika, a boutique company based in Singapore. She is a baker, cake-decorator, confectioner and creator of innovative and amazing desserts.

She is also the author of the serial e-book, Baker’s Dozen, a demystified, user-friendly, amateur-friendly and child-friendly book designed for the aspiring baker and the busy parent.

Radhika is a self-taught baker who has been spreading joy through her creations for over 40 years. She loves visualizing, designing, and creating bespoke cakes in close consultation with her clients, to deliver the perfect cake for each occasion. Her creations are the perfect meld: delightful to behold, delicious in taste, and everlasting in memory.

Other than baking and writing –

Radhika has been a volunteer since 2010 with Lions Befrienders, a Social Service Organisation that provides friendship and care for seniors, enabling them to enjoy meaningful and enriching lives.

Radhika is an integral part of Friends of the Museum’s Study Group initiative, making history come alive over the past eight years. She has also worked as a Docent in the Asian Civilizations Museum for seven years, guiding people and inspiring learning.

Radhika regularly raises funds (through workshops and drives) for Social Service Organisations such as HOME, Beyond Social Services, Gawad Kalinga, SEWA and Ashwini Charitable Trust.

Radhika teaches classes and conducts workshops in baking and cooking. She has conducted more than 150 sessions over the past 10 years. She regularly conducts classes on gluten-free baking for ‘Gluten-Free Singapore’, a community that offers assistance and resources for celiac and gluten intolerant families. She conducts special classes on vegan cooking and baking for the vegan and vegetarian communities.

Radhika is an avid quizzer, co-founding one of Singapore’s leading quiz groups, and participating in a variety of quizzes across the nation.

Above all, Radhika is a caring mother, a wonderful friend, a dependable confidante and a joy to know and be with.

Orange cake with caramelised orange slices


Rose semolina cake



Marble cake


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  1. Wow each dish you have shared here looks lip smackingly delicious. I will surely try this place out, and take my entire fantastic too!

  2. I love the fact that they make special cakes for people with allergies and certain problems! The semolina cakes look absolutely delicious! 😍

  3. The cakes look so damn tempting, thank you for sharing this amazing blog, would surely love to visit this place to try our these cakes 🙌

  4. The rose semolina cake is giving me major malai kulfi/falooda kind of vibes. All of them look so super yummy and beautiful.

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