Review and Giveaway: Vitayes Instant Ageback and Perfector

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I always wish if there is something like Photoshop that existed for fine lines, wrinkles and eye bags! Recently got to know about Vitayes and must say this product is try-worthy especially if you have real bad wrinkles, fine lines and eye bags and want to fix them in a non-invasive way.

Read on to find out more about Vitayes Instant Ageback Lifting Cream and Vitayes Perfector Illuminating Eye Serum and join the Mother’s Day Giveaway that I am running on IG.

Vitayes Instant Ageback Lifting Cream

The main ingredient in Instant Ageback is Argireline – the most advanced development of the cosmetics industry. Argireline is considered a safe cosmetic agent for the treatment of wrinkles and tear sacks – without injections and unpleasant stress on the skin. The powerful, protein-based peptide active substance is based on the latest nanotechnology.

I love the products that are safe for my sensitive skin. Glad that this product worked for me and didn’t cause any side-effects.

I must say that the product lasts for longer time because only a pea-sized amount is needed at a time. All I did was to apply a small amount of the cream to the respective concern area and rest for 5 mins. After 5 mins, you will see the difference and skin looks refreshed and rejuvenated. I use it before going out for special occasions.

Do note that the results will vary depending on the person to person. 

Vitayes Perfector Illuminating Eye Serum

It’s a good idea that you use Vitayes Perfector Illuminating Eye Serum with Vitayes Instant Ageback Lifting Cream for a complete result for the entire face.

Vitayes Perfector aims at infusing of hydration. lifting and illuminating anti-aging effect under the eyes.  It helps in reducing the puffiness. deep wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes for a fresh and rejuvenated looking. Thankfully, I don’t have wrinkles yet but dark circles is something that I use this product for. Expect a slight stinging sensation when you apply it. But my sensitive skin didn’t get any adverse effects.

More info about Vitayes:

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