Beauty and Skincare: Oudao Perlane for hydration, firming and tightening pores

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When I opened the pack of Oudao Perlane, my first reaction was – what?? Is it an injection? OMG! Well, yes, it does look like an injection but actually it’s without any needle and completely non-invasive skin care.


As a mom of 2, just like many of you, my primary objective behind trying out any beauty product is: Anti-ageing. Yes, which woman doesn’t want to cut off a few years from her skin? I liked Oudao Perlane for the very reason. It’s a no fuss and quite effective solution for keeping skin hydrated while firming it up. It tightens pores too.

First of all, take a look at my Instagram post about it that will give you a fair idea about how to use Oudao Perlane Hydrating Essence.

Easy right? Now lets see what are the ingredients and how they help our skin. Personally, whenever I get beauty products for myself, I ensure that I know what goes into making them.

One Oudao = 100 piece of Masks = 30 Bottles of Toner

Wow, right? that’s because Oudao Perlane penetrates fast and gets absorbed very easily 5 mm deep into skin.

The key ingredient of Oudao Perlane Hydrating mask is HYALURONIC ACID FOR SKIN. This magic potion is naturally occurring carbohydrates molecules in the body that works to provide lubrication.

Do you know? 50% of your body’s total hyaluronic acid can be found on your skin.

How hyaluronic acid in Oudao Perlane Hydrating Essence works on making the skin more beautiful?

  • Improves skin’s ability to heal and repair itself
  • Protects the skin against UV damage
  • Boosts the skin’s natural protective barrier
  • Keep skin plump to slow down appearance of fine line
  • Prevents skin from sagging
  • Can hold water 1000 times the weight
  • Delivers and hold water into skin
  • Provide long lasting moisture
  • Promotes skin cell regeneration
  • Accelerates wound healing
  • Fights sun spots
  • Can neutralize free radicals

My Review:

I have been using Oudao Perlane Hydrating Essence for some time now and I have found that it instantly hydrates the skin, gives it a smoother appearance and leaves it looking supple and bouncy. My skin looks and feels well-moisturized.

More info about Oudao Perlane can be found here: Instagram | Website

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