Review and Giveaway: Eluxgo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner EC25L

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I am currently checking out some fuss-free gadgets, home appliances and ergonomic devices for my home. What I like about these gadgets is the fact that they are not complicated, they are easy to operate and make #momlife really better. One such gadget that I am testing is this cool, trendy and compact Eluxgo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner EC25L. I just got it home and these people at Eluxgo gave an elaborate demonstration.

We have started using Eluxgo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner EC 25L and this compact gadget is indeed multi-purpose and functional for my home and car both.

What I liked about it?

  • Compact. It doesn’t hog too much place!
  • Looks cute and classy
  • Comes with different accessories for different types of dust and dirt challenges. Example: carpet, curtains, ceiling, sofa and even for unreachable areas
  • It’s fuss free and very easy to operate. My 7-year boy set up the vacuum cleaner. He even tried to help us clean the home with Eluxgo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner EC 25L.
  • Affordable and doesn’t pinch your pockets
  • Excellent gift idea
  • Sturdy material and easy to clean


One lucky winner can win ELUXGO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner EC25L worth $368.

Simple steps to participate:

Pls note that your IG account must be public. You must complete all the steps to be eligible for the giveaway. People following to unfollow later will be disqualified from our giveaways! This giveaway is not connected to Instagram in any which ways. The data collected will be used only for running this giveaway. Giveaway ends on 5th October 2019.

This giveaway is CLOSED now! Winner is chosen via random generator and it is Carol Neo. Congrats!

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  1. Why i love to win this because i find it is easy peast solution to keep my home dust free and i can get a quality of tension free time to spent with my family without any second thought in my mind that i have to clean this and that.

    Love to win this

    • We’ll be getting the keys to our first home in a few months time. This will really come in handy to help us keep our house clean. Huge bonus that it’s fuss free and easy to operate as we are both beginners when it comes to housework.
      ig: katherinegoy

  2. I want to win it because its the best suction power vacuum cleaner with great maneuverability so perfect for picking up my pet cat’s hair and more, manage airborne dander and other allergens from my carpets and hard floors.It is also lightweight, easy to assemble and run, absolutely perfect for my needs.”

    • I would love to win this cordless vacuum cleaner to help me keep my house clean. All the dirt and dust will not be flying back into my respiratory system with the help of this vacuum’s powerful suction. And with so many accessories I can easily clean difficult to reach corners, top of my cupboards, my carpet as well as my air-con. The best deal is, I do not need to buy another portable hand vacuum to clean my car because this Eluxgo cordless vacuum can help me keep my car clean. On top of all these great features, the most important thing is the user-friendly feature where it is very easy for me to use. It is well worth my money with so many features incorporated into one compact lightweight cordless vacuum cleaner.

  3. I want to win it because its the best suction power vacuum cleaner with great maneuverability so perfect for picking up my pet cat’s hair and more, manage airborne dander and other allergens from my carpets and hard floors.It is also lightweight, easy to assemble and run, absolutely perfect for my needs.
    IG ID : mamazianayen

  4. Half the faff of doing the vacuuming is down to the constant plugging and unplugging of of the vacuum cleaner to get it to where I need to. With Eluxgo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner EC25L, I can ultimately enjoy the freedom of cleaning virtually anywhere! Not being tethered to a socket means cleaning takes less time, too. That means less back bending, plus Eluxgo cordless vacuum cleaner EC25L is lighter too, so it is a good option since I have a bad back. It is definitely designed to change the way I feel about vacuuming forever, offering powerful suction with the portability I need.
    IG: syasya101088
    FB: Ajeek Syasya

  5. Cleaning can be a chore, I’ve never liked it much before.
    Now that I have my own house, gotta clean it up with my spouse.
    He brought me out to browse, yet all I could do was grouse.
    Almost wanted to raise a row, until he showed me eluxgo.
    For a pricepoint so affordable, it is also capable.
    It moves smooth like butter, but better.
    Not only that, it clears all splatters, and for that matter, cleans my clutter.
    Thank you eluxgoholdings for this giveaway, to win it, would surely brighten my day.

  6. Eluxgo vacuum cleaner is Lightweight & it comes with various accessories such as Mattress tools, Bed Brush, Floor Brush, Angled Bristles Brush, etc to help us tackle, cleaning dust & dirt for all areas of our home. There is also LED battery indicators to let us know when it needs charging!

    It’s not easy for mum to look after an handicapped brother & doing all the housework too. Mum is also allergic to dust. Hope to win this to help her lighten her housework. Cleaning will be so much easy & least tiring for her or us with the aid of a wonderful and powerful “assistant” – Eluxgo’s Ec25L. Really hope to win this and help mum with the cleaning process.

    Liked and shared

  7. Hope to win easy cleaning Vacuum that creates a suction effect for a stronger hold on smaller particles such dirt and dust. It lightweight and my boy can join in help out mummy. Satisfying clean whenever and wherever 👍👍👍

  8. I want to win this for my mum yesterday’s birthday! This is a perfect present for her for all her hardwork and sacrifice for our family

  9. Hope to win this to keep my house clean and help my Wife with the household chores and that would make her very happy!

    IG : tongphlp

  10. I want to win it because it’s the best suction power vacuum cleaner with great maneuverability so perfect for picking up my pet cat’s hair and more, manage airborne dander and other allergens from my carpets and hard floors. It is also lightweight, easy to assemble and run, absolutely perfect for my needs.
    IG ID : hidogphillip

  11. I want to win because I don’t have a powerful cordless vacuum cleaner which can help to clean my entire house, hassle free and easy to use which my kids can also use Eluxgo vacuum cleaner to help me do some house cleaning work. I can clean the beds regularly to remove dust mite and dirt from bedsheets and mattress to prevent my kids from allergies or asthma.

  12. This seems like the ideal vacuum cleaner for a busy working mum with kids & dog in the family! With various different attachments, safe & easy to use, convenience of it being cordless & good suction power, it’ll make it much easier for me to keep the house clean! Being cordless, I can even use it to vacuum the interior of my car!
    IG: toni_sunshine_tay

  13. I want to win this as its portable, cordless easy to reach out to anywhere and most important, my kids can do the vaccum, my kids are 2yo and 5yo, am training them to do housework and the usual big fat hippo size does not allow them to do so. Also our 2 year old house does not have alot of power point around the house due to lack of experience as 1st time house owner and ID didnt advise us to have more power point. A lot of hidden corner like the walk-in wardrobe have no power cord at all and its a hassle to clean the place. Heard about the powerful suction and it will be perfect to clean the balcony and car. Hope to win this for the family, it will be a perfect gift for my husband as he needs his floor to be sparkling clean everyday. He vacuum and mop floor daily for the benefits of our kids as we have sinus, am sure my 2yo girl will be happy to help mama vacuum the floor with the lightweight gadget.
    IG: parisland80

  14. I wish to start to train my girl in helping me to do some simple chores at home. Vacuum definitely is a good start. It is compact, easy for a child to operate. And she will find joy in cleaning up her room.

    ig : gracegisellepng
    FB : Grace Ng

  15. I want to win it because my vacuum cleaner is on its last legs and I need a new vacuum cleaner that is easy to operate, compact, and able to be used on different surfaces. Eluxgo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner EC25L sounds like my dream vacuum cleaner!

    IG: @notti.kitty
    FB: Sophia Ang

    • Would love to win this EC25L Cordless Vacuum Cleaner because it makes cleaning session fuss free without wire restrictions! 🙆 The lovely LED battery indicator is a good reminder for us to charge it when necessary, technology advanced at its best 👍Love that it comes with a few brush types so that we can reach out to dirt and dust everywhere even with low furniture and ceiling corners to clean cobweb! 🕸️ Maneuvering with this vacuum cleaner definitely going to make my house sparkling clean with less to no dust and dirts!! In need for a vaccum cleaner like this that can reach out to all little corner, especially when my estate is building school nearby, too much unseen and uncountable dusts!!

      Ig Joannefaithhh
      Fb Joanne bell

  16. I hope to win ELUXGO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner EC25L because I have 3 small kids at home. They easily get bronchitis and airway issue. If I won this vacuum cleaner I hope to bring dustfree to my children for healthier and cleaner environment as well as to prevent them getting asthma. Hope I got this chance and I can throw my broom away.. Thank you for the giveaway.

  17. Hope to win this Vacuum Cleaner that will ease my household chores and making vacuuming a breeze as being a full time working mum with 2 kids,having to juggle career,family,kids,household chores and part time study,it is quite challenging,hectic and fatigue. This Dibea Vacuum Cleaner definately will be a great assistant as it is efficient,easy to use, light weight,saves time and my 7 year old daughter could use this vacuum cleaner and help out in the chores too that will lighten my household load.
    I will have more family bonding time,sanity and rest time.
    My birthday is approaching in 2 weeks time and hope to be the blessed and lucky one to win this giveaway 🤞😊

    Thanks for hosting this generous giveaway😘
    Fb:Adeline Tan hx

  18. I want to win this so i can keep my kids healthy especially when my girl has to keep her immune low, and it’s not a good things if she fall sick and have fever as she might be in critical moment if things goes worst, as she is diagnosed with rare chronic illness of JDMS. And i hope to keep healthy and safe so next year she can enjoy her primary school better.

    Ig: strawberryjolin
    Facebook: Jolin leow

  19. Hope to win it that it will be awesome for my humble room where I still live with in law for 6 years. I have two little boys age 4 & 2. We have sensitive sinusitis and skin problems due to dusty.

    FB: Kristy Liew IG: miku_kris

  20. I hope to win this vaccum as our house have been using broom all the well. As parents are getting older hope to lessen their workload by having a vaccum cleaner. IG: lookisoverhere

  21. Liked shared post
    Liked FB IG Pages
    IG naomicpk
    FB Naomi.Chan.9659

    I want to win because I stay in house with 4 room & a living area. It’s a really daunting task to have to sweep mop these rooms 3x every week. I don’t have a maid & do not have outside help. Currently I am doing housework all by myself as hubby works late. With this ELUXGO portable lightweight vacuum with high suction power that can pick up any types of dirt from the floor & all corners it will make housecleaning such a Breeze. I am impressed with the functionality & versatility of this vacuum cleaner & I would be thrilled to win this & brunvthis baby home !!!

  22. Hi..I would really love to win it because I am soo soo excited to use this device which is multifunctional, compact ,fussfree and easy to use to clean each part of the in Singapore we don’t have a maid ..this device will definitely be my helping hand and my partner in cleaning hours.

  23. I want to win because this vacuum is lightweight, compact, easy to use and most importantly the vacuum suction is strong.

    Instagram: @igmark

  24. Liked , Shared & Followed !
    I want to win it because its the best suction power vacuum cleaner with great maneuverability so perfect for cleaning up my house . With various different attachments, it’s safe , convenience & easy to use absolutely perfect for my needs.
    IG ID : peng_yam

  25. I would love to win this Eluxgo’s EC25L Cordless Vacuum because of it is so light weight yet powerful enough! Although it is so small yet it comes with a lots of function which we can clean the dust wherever we want especially those places that we can’t reach. I hav one at home with wire yet it is so big and bulky , and it always just stuck and stop working when my dog ran around and accidentally pluck out the wire! I seriously need this to clean my house thoroughly yet in an easy and sweatless way ❤️❤️❤️I’m sure my mum who love clean environments would be happy to have ELUXGO WC25L because everyone can handle it easily! Thanks @eluxgoholdings for the wonderful giveaway and hope I’m the lucky winner 🙋 Ig: wenwentan0201 fb: wenni tan

  26. I’ve been wanting to own this kind of vacuum- hassles – free and easy to use , easy to maintain and also I want to give my children the cleanest environment to play with without any worries.

  27. I would very much love to win this cordless vacuum cleaner from Eluxgo for my dear mum! We haven’t used cordless vacuum cleaner and have always thought that vacuum cleaners with cord is hard to handle and a hassle to use! love how compact this Eluxgo cordless vacuum cleaner is and that it comes with different accessories catered for all kinds of dust and dirt challenges! 😀 I see that my mum would definitely be over the moon with this new handy tool! 😆👍🏼 IG: @doublerainbow00
    FB: Pearlyn Toh

  28. Would like to win it for the place hard to reach with my limited length of vacuum cleaner’s cable wire

    Fb: Sean ng king kiat

  29. I would love to win the cordless vacuum cleaner from Eluxgo so that me and my kids can breathe easier.It will help to keep my home clean and dust-free and hope it will make a difference to my family’s health. IG: Mohamed.Hajiismail.1 FB: Mohamed Haji Ismail

  30. Liked and shared

    Instagram ID is @ybeng_tan
    Facebook ID is Yeong Beng Tan

    Tagged Cindy Tan @cindy_tanss

    I hope to win this as my current vacuum cleaner is the old conventional type which is bulky, heavy and need to be connected to wall socket for electricity when using. There are only 3 interchangable heads which many times do not help me with several cleaning tasks. I really need this light weighted cordless Eluxgo’s EC25L with many interchangable heads and amazingly extension pipes so it can help to make my cleaning easy, efficient and effective. I really hate to see those spider webs gathered at my ceiling and ceiling fans which I am Unable to reach out to clean using my current vacuum cleaner. In Addition, I really like the bagless Pro-Cyclone™ vacuums that separates dust efficiently without need for disposables. Hence, please let me win this dreamed vacuum cleaner so that I can cut down the cleaning time.

  31. I have a cordless vacuum, but some parts of it has not been working well and it goes cranky very often – i think it’s dying soon! on some days it refused to work at all. it is my absolute must have at home because i can quickly vacuum the floor on the go. plus, the kids can do it themselves too (training them in household chores has always been my ongoing KPI…..hehe)!
    IG: @_jazrychan_

  32. Eluxgo vacuum cleaner is easy to use and portable thus makes doing housechores alot easier. I am able to reach places that is impossible for me with their advance design and this will help me clear the dust that I always choose to ignore as I could not reach. Thanks for the generous giveaway. Ig natashaminnie fb Esther Li fj

  33. I have followed this rule of letting the natural sunlight and it’s goodness peep in my apartment with minimal invasion of Aircon and maximum allowance of natural air to cross ventilate my home and spread good vibes. As a package with this goodness comes in the dirt and dust which requires a whole lot of effort and ample number of hours to make the house a clean and peaceful abode. I would love to have this Eluxgo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner as it’s latest and well researched technology will efficiently handle these chores with ease and perfection. The chic design is worth flaunting so it should not be locked in the store room rather I will keep it in my walk in wardrobe wherein it will be highlighted as one of my precious accessories 👍😊
    Liked and following the fb pages of both…
    Following the Instagram pages of both…
    Tagged @dangboyaditya
    IG: @ruchikasehgaldang

  34. I need win this as after delivery i got very bad slip disc which i break my bone and nerve together affected me for life which at the moment i still ungo SGH treatment and need stop my job because of this. I need to win as i need a good and light 1 to help me in my daily chores as i have 2 boys 1 5 yrs another 8yrs without any helper. I love my house to be clean so daily need clean my house as previously my kids always sick.

    Hope to win to reduce my workload and also a great assistant i looking for.

    Thanks for a great contest.

    Ig neo_carol and fb Carol Neo

  35. Fb Vivien lau ig vivilover2
    I wish to win for my mother.
    I still remember my mum wake up early to prepare our breakfast before we go to school.

    Actually she only sleep around 3-5 hours per day.My mother work as part time job at midnight.
    This vacuum look easy to use and operate. My mum don’t want hired a maid. I believe it can help her to reduce her housework. It save her time and I hope she can rest more.

  36. Facebook Chen Ren Jie
    Ig Chenvincent8
    I wish to win because
    ~easy to operate.
    I dislike waste time to find the way to assembly. It is easy and simple as 1 2 3.

    ~different accessories
    I can use it to vacuum my car and my house when using different accessories. It save my cost as I can using different method to clean my whole house.

    ~easy to clean
    Of course, I will no choose the products which is no easy to clean. Im lazy man but I hope can help my wife to do the house work. My wife is prepare for pregnant and hope she will happy with this amazing vacuum.

  37. The truth about growing up is as one grows up, one tends to forget our parents are growing old. Unfortunately, the most precious thing one can give to their parents is time. My mom cooks really well and never fails to cook our favourite dishes every time we are home for dinner. As she grows old, she is unable to cook for us. She may not even remember all our favourite food now as her memory is not as good anymore. She always spend so much time on the family or housework and she tends to neglect herself. I hope to win this vacuum for my mom so that it is easier for her when she does her housework as i love that the vacuum is lightweight, user friendly and effective. I also want to remind her that we love her so much. i hope this will put a smile on her face. thanks for the meaningful giveaway. instagram username: slkl21

  38. Have been really lazy to do housework and been finding something that could get me started & complete my chores in no time so I could maintain a dust-minimum environment!

    IG: vonzill
    FB: Yvonne Tan

  39. This is a good tool to have at home. Hoping to win to assist my daily household chore and also good training tool for the kids to start household chore.

    Ig: evejol
    Fb: Evelyn Leow

  40. I really wish to win to easy my daily house chore job so i can spend quality time with my 16month old baby … so i didnt miss any beautiful mkment with hum, many time i realised i should give much more time my baby then do house hold things .. but prioty of cleaning is must to give my baby clean and healthy envioirment at home to avoid uninvited germs and diease ..hope

  41. I love to win this cos it is convenient and handy . Cordless and easy to reach those hard to reach places . It seems not bad .

    The quality is there for good vacccum cleaners.

  42. I would like to win it for my mom as she is 64 sweeping the floor is very tired for her and she is staying by herself alone. This vuccum clean is handly and light weight she can do the cleaning my herself if I not around.

    • IG: kimTL

      I would like to win it for my mom as she is 64 sweeping the floor is very tired for her and she is staying by herself alone. This vuccum clean is handly and light weight she can do the cleaning my herself if I not around.

  43. I would like to win this so that I can help my mum in the house chores even easier. To be honest, we have rescued many stray cats and those little cuties are using cat litter.

    Sometimes the cat litter will be scattered on the floor and we got to use either a dustpan or a wired vacuum cleaner which is really loud and bulky. I hope to win this so that we can use to clean the house even easier. My mum is reaching 60 in few years time. Her back is getting weak and this will definitely help her to lessen the strain on her leg and back.
    For me, I am currently pregnant as well, with this reputable vacuum cleaner, I can help out in the house without much effort in carry the old vacuum cleaner at home too.

    Everyone knows Eluxgo is a very popular brand and they are able to be found in places like Harvey Norman , Courts and Best Denki etc. Therefore,I trust Eluxgo very much and I really hope to win a set of this vacuum cleaner to suck up all the fine particles and dust in the house.

    Not only for my family members and my 10 rescued furry balls but also my baby boy who is arriving on November. I strongly believe Eluxgo is the best brand in the electronic world.

    Instagram: grace.t.wei
    Facebook: Grace Tan Jie Wei

  44. My baby boy will be born in Nov this year. I hope to win this awesome vacuum cleaner and provide him with a clean and healthy house to grow up in 😁

    FB: Derrick Tay
    IG: derrickstay

  45. I wish to win this vacuum cleaner as it can clean my floor better than using a broom that sheds bristles every now and then, increasing the amount of time I need to sweep the floor. I will like to keep the house clean and neat daily. With this vacuum cleaner, I no longer need to squad up and down with cleaning cloths and broom but stay upright to clean the floor and corners. I can also easily vacuum the top of cupboards and shelves that have been accumulating dust regularly. Cleaning is more enjoyable with vacuum cleaner as it requires less strength and effort. It can also help to pick up dust particles without me having to scoop them up manually. Hope to win this so that I can speed up the house cleaning chores.

    • I wish to win this vacuum cleaner as it can clean my floor better than using a broom that sheds bristles every now and then, increasing the amount of time I need to sweep the floor. I will like to keep the house clean and neat daily. With this vacuum cleaner, I no longer need to squad up and down with cleaning cloths and broom but stay upright to clean the floor and corners. I can also easily vacuum the top of cupboards and shelves that have been accumulating dust regularly. Cleaning is more enjoyable with vacuum cleaner as it requires less strength and effort. It can also help to pick up dust particles without me having to scoop them up manually. Hope to win this so that I can speed up the house cleaning chores.

      IG: xiaoninger
      FB: Adela Chew

  46. Hope to win this as our family do not own a vacuum cleaner and hence cleaning is done with a broom, cloth and feather duster. However, these ways of cleaning sometimes just result in dust particles being brush away onto the floor or somewhere else. With the vacuum cleaner, the dirt and dust will be suck away completely from all vacuumed area and from difficult corners as well. This reduces the risk of backache and strain neck by traditional cleaning method.

    IG: snowmoonpie
    FB: Amanda Lee

  47. Just shifted into my new house and I definitely need a new vacuum cleaner! Love that this cordless Eluxgo handstick vacuum cleaner is so lightweight and easy to use! With the powerful suction, cleaning is a breeze! Assembling the vacuum cleaner is hassle-free and very convenient too. This Eluxgo handstick vacuum cleaner definitely strikes a great balance in terms of outstanding performance and reasonable price!

    Thanks for the giveaway! Hope I’m the lucky one ❤️

    IG: joannephangyx
    FB: Joanne Phang

  48. I want to win because it can help me with my house chorses and also at the same time save time so i can spend more time on family


  49. I want to win it for myself as the Eluxgo vacuum cleaner comes with different accessories for different types of dust and dirt challenges like carpet, curtains and even for unreachable areas. And I am confident that it would be a great help to keep my home clean.
    IG: iamhelenbain
    Facebook: Helen Masg
    Liked and Shared!

  50. I need nothing but Eluxgo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner EC 25L! 😍

    With Eluxgo,
    Mummy no more EMO!
    Everyone needs E L U X G O,
    Clean environment is on the go! ♥️

    It’s definitely a great cleaning tool / best companion buddy that would help me on my household chores. 🧹

    It’s portable design makes cleaning hassle-free, one of it’s best feature, it’s powerful motor enough suction for most common messes. 🤲🏼

    Ideal portability, power, and high performance quality. No dirt could escape. ♥️


    My mum is a full time housewife and she is doing so many tasks every day. I know it is very exhausting and tiring but there will be no more hassle and tiredness with the help of this vacuum! anything will be easier for her. 👩🏻

    It will also helps me to clean the furs of my rescue cats. Because they are staying inside our home. As a rescuer it will helps me a lot! 🐱

    This perfect vacuum will ensure that every INCH, NOOK, CORNER, and SPACES of our home is well clean, deodorised, odor, bacteria, and germ free!making our home a healthy and happy place to live in. 🛍

    Please PICK ME PICK ME UP!

    My mum’s birthday is around the corner. That’s why! I wish to win this for her! ♥️

    MUMMY I LOVE YOU! Happy birthday! ♥️

    Ig: loyifui_0120

  51. I will like to win for my son who is on the road of recovery from leukaemia as he needs the environment to be as clean as possible due to his immune system being on the low side. Thank you very much in advance.

  52. Would love to get this efficient vacuum cleaner for my beloved help lighten her housework chores. It requires less strength and effort and can reach hard to reach areas and reduce the chances of having backaches. A reliable household helper cum friend 🙆🏼‍♀️🙆🏼‍♀️💙💙👍👍

    FB: Jasmine Gjminn
    IG: jasmine_gjm

  53. Instagram: viakoh
    I hope to win this for my upcoming house is almost ready soon! I believe this will be a good appliance for me to clean my house during the time of renovation or be it even our daily cleaning at home! This lightwear vacuum cleaner is good becuase it will not make my cleaning be so tiring!!

  54. instagram: cherooomin
    i hope to win this for my mom, who’s a full time housewife busy with doing chores. a cordless vacuum cleaner would be great for her as she doesn’t have to bend down to plug and unplug a corded vacuum cleaner from different power sockets around our house!

  55. FB : Vincent Lee Wee Ping
    IG @wlee76

    Hope to win this so i can use it to clean the house, it’s so easy to use that my kids is also able to use it and i can also use it to clean the car

  56. I would REALLY REALLY LIKE to win this for my boy!so that he can use this to vacuum for his car and also our house hehe ! I have look through the review and i find that it is very good ! but i have to really try it to test it that with this i can ultimately enjoy the freedom of cleaning virtually anywhere . THIS CORDLESS VACUUM is also quite light weight it is designed to change the way i feel about vacuum ! FB: Wen Ling Instagram: l.inq_wen

    • Liked & shared IG: Fangtangwen

      Moving into a brand new BTO 5 Room at Bidadari and I would love to own this easy to use Eluxgo’s EC25L cordless vacuum that can help to keep my room dust and dirt free especially when I have kids that are asthmatic.There is no need to have any technical knowledge to dismantle,wash and store this vacuum which is indeed ideal for the home as well as for the car.

  57. I would like to win this light and compact vacuum cleaner for my mom as she’s getting weaker yet could not stop cleaning as she likes it clean!

  58. I want to win ELUXGO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner EC25L because I’m a full time working mommy, I want to enjoy hassle-free cleaning experience with ELUXGO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner EC25L to save my time and effort. It not only help to clean the floor but the bed and odd corners of the house as well! It can clean my floor better than using a broom that sheds bristles every now and then, increasing the amount of time I need to sweep the floor. With this ELUXGO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner EC25L, I can speed up the house cleaning chores. This super lightweight Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is so easy to use and has many interchangeable heads for different purposes. Even my 7 years old boy can do the cleaning as well. I really like how its so easy to manoeuvre, and clearing out the dirt is very easy too. I would feel glad and excited to being a “ELUXGO’s FRIEND”.
    FB : Tiffany Foo
    Instagram : tiffanyfoo91

  59. Hope to win the vacuum for my new home coming in Jan2020 😍😍 just in time if I won a free vacuum for house cleaning before moving in 👍
    FB: Carol Ng

  60. I had a cordless vacuum cleaner before and is loving all the benefits but it broke down within a month of use and I decided I should own a branded one, so that it can deliver all the benefits I want for a long time!

  61. I want to win so that it can lighten my advanced age mum workload and more safe without messy wires around

    Ig – estherl.chng1983

  62. Would love to win this because I am planning to switch up the look of my room but before that, I have to tidy everything and clear away all the dust! This Eluxgo Cordless Vacuum Cleaner would come in handy, making it more efficient for me as it is cordless so I can easily carry it up to clean the top part of my shelf, also comes with many different accessories for me to better clean hard to reach areas. Easy to operate and compact enough for me to leave it at the room. I have a display shelf for collectibles that often collect dust, so this is good for me to do a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning! 🙂

    FB: Alice Ong
    IG: thejanbaby

    • I hope to win this because of its multi vacuum functions! I can use it on my gadgets like laptop too. Would love to have a cordless vacuum cleaner because it is so convenient and especially so it is very lightweight. Have been looking for a wire-less vacuum cleaner for very Long and very excited about this giveaway! Thank you!

      IG: agnesnhg
      FB: Agnes Ng

  63. I want to win ELUXGO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner EC25L because it will be very helpful to reduce my burden in house cleaning and help me to get the job done – effortlessly. Eventually it will increase family time together.

  64. I want to win ELUXGO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner EC25L because

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