Relationships: Perfect or Imperfect? Who are you?

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We have seen women especially moms trying to be perfect all the time and taking pride in all the sweat, stress and sleepless moments they get to achieve this so-called perfection in everything do for kids and families. Exhausting, isn’t it? This #SocialMediaMomSG thinks differently and takes pride in being imperfect!

Why I feel that being Imperfect is much better than being Perfect?

Yes, precisely, as they say perfection can’t be improved and hence, it just stops the process of improvement, exploration and achievements.

I also hate to overthink, overdo anything. If you have to be perfect then you have to plan, think and do exactly as per the plan. If I have to follow this process then it becomes quite boring.

What do you think are you perfect? Have you seen Perfect Families around you? Do you think they really have Perfect Life?

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