Parenting: Try these tips to make kids independent

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I often met moms who are kind of worried about their kids being too clingy or dependent on them for every single thing. Morning to Night, they can’t do without moms at all. As a mom, I would love to see my kids needing me and loving me and calling me but lets accept the fact that this is not going to help the kids in the long run! They must figure their way out and they must know how to stand up and keep walking despite of failures.

Lemme share with you some tips to make kids independent. These are the tried and tested ones and learnt from moms themselves.

No Spoon feeding

I had / have this bad habit of making things to simple for them. Example: if the boy doesn’t know how to do a particular task like writing a particular letter or reading a word etc., I would wait for 1-2 seconds and straightaway give the answer. Readymade!!! Kids will be happy but at the same time, they’ll not even try to figure it out themselves. Similarly, they should do their own routine work after certain age – taking bath, brushing teeth, feeding themselves, changing clothes.

So, no spoon-feeding is the first tip.

Once the kids know that there are not going to be direct solutions, they have no choice but put in sincere efforts. They’ll have to do their own things. This leads them to learn independently.

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What’s your mantra to raise independent kids? Don’t forget to share.

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