The Kopitiam Fresh-Brew Taste with OWL Kopi-O Kosong

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Singapore is always famous for its varied food and drink options and especially the Hawker Center Kopi and other drinks. Many of us can’t start our day without a strong cuppa. It’s interesting to experience the awesome varieties of coffee Singapore offers to foodies.

If you like your coffee black and as dark as night, you’ll find it right here in Singapore – the Kopi-O Kosong, a local tradition of the dark brew is found in many traditionally revered and time-honoured kopitiams. The Kopi-O Kosong which is served without sugar or condensed milk, is very much a cherished pick-me-up brew, no matter the time of day.


We tasted the brand-new OWL Kopi-O Kosong, this freshly ground coffee packed in a handy filter bag and must give a big thumbs up! It is a blend of black coffee which lends a strong taste to the palate and a robust caramelized aroma with the undertones of an authentic fresh brew taste from selected Arabica beans. We loved the convenience Owl Kopi-O Kosong offers along with the same authentic taste.


Certified with a Heathier Choice symbol by the Health Promotion Board, the OWL Kopi-O Kosong is made up of freshly ground coffee and does not contain sugar. Now that’s definitely a winner! Drink it as a cuppa of a perfect brew or with a slice of buttered toast, OWL Kopi-O Kosong works its versatility either ways. It also acts as a coffee base to customize and calibrate other versions of Kopi like Kopi-O Siew Dai, Kopi-C and Kopi. Basically, add as much or as little sugar and milk to customise a “just-as-I-like it” concoction for your personal palate.

  • Its recipes are created in manual roasting process to enhance caramelized coffee aroma and definite robust flavour in each individual sock-like cotton filter bags with dark and coarse ground coffee which gives each brew a good old char taste in every cup.
  • Enjoy the delicious localised Straits Asian coffee flavours by OWL in the comfort of your home without having to visit a coffeeshop.

Special Promo:

From now to 31 December 2019, OWL is offering the OWL Kopi-O Kosong with an introductory price of S$4.20 per pack of 20 bags, instead of the Usual Selling Price of S$5.20.

You can also receive a pack of Julie’s Biscuit Butter Crackers 200g when you purchase a pack of OWL Kopi-O Kosong over 15 sampling points across island-wide.

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