#cureyourfear: Join the movement to quarantine COVID-19 fears

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As Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said, “Fear can do more harm than the virus itself.” We are giving you the power to stop that.

MyDoc, a Singapore-based digital healthcare provider, has launched MyDoc COVID-19 Clinic and a public service campaign to cure your fear, as a national service to the nation.

Sponsorship from employees, friends and corporate partners made it possible for MyDoc to launch the national initiative to provide Singapore residents with triage assessments by Singapore-licensed doctors for any concerns over flu-like symptoms.

Patients who use the MyDoc COVID-19 Clinic will not need to venture out of their homes or offices to seek medical treatment if they experience common signs of infections including respiratory symptoms, fever and cough. The service will prevent those who are infected from being in high traffic areas and unwittingly spreading the virus to the community.

If a patient is assessed to meet the Singapore Ministry of Health (MOH) COVID-19 suspect case criteria, the attending doctor will notify a MOH surveillance officer. An ambulance team equipped with infectious disease control will be dispatched to pick up the patient to be sent for isolation and testing, and the patient will be given advice to practice precautionary measures.

Patients who are medically stable may be sent home to rest with advice to self-isolate and to seek medical re-evaluation within two days if symptoms persist.

The initiative came about from an observation that the fear of the coronavirus was spreading faster than the virus itself. MyDoc employees felt that they had to do more to provide support to Singapore’s national healthcare workers, as well as alleviate fear spreading amongst the public.

MyDoc is encouraging doctors and members of the public to get involved in the movement through pledges. Doctors can pledge a certain number of hours to provide their services to the public through MyDoc, while corporates and members of the public can pledge a triage session for anyone who may need it. Private GPs who are new to MyDoc will be put through an intensive training and certification programme following global best practices and MOH guidelines before being rostered to assess patients.

To secure an appointment, sign up for a MyDoc account at cureyourfear.sg.

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