Skincare: MUSSVITAL Dermactive for eczema prone skin

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Sensitive, dry and eczema prone skin are the skin challenges that hinder the normal course of life to a great extent. When the eczema attacks babies and kids, it’s a nightmare for the whole family. Red and dry patches, itch and lots of other side effects block the way to look and feel beautiful. We recently discovered Mussvital. After trying out for a few days, we would definitely recommend this brand for your babies, kids and your entire family!


In Singapore, the weather can get quite unpredictable with sudden rains and heat, dry spells and haze.

How MUSSVITAL can help to address these concerns, let’s know from Chris. We interviewed Chris Chua, who is a pharmacist, the founder of Aenon Pharmaceuticals SEA and the representative of Mussvital in Singapore.


Tell us a little bit more about MUSSVITAL and its brand story? 

In 1985 – MUSSVITAL was the first dermatological bath gel launched to retail pharmacies in Spain.   By 2001 – MUSSVITAL became the leading brand in the Spanish pharmacy bath gel category. In 2016 – Peroxfarma launched the MUSSVITAL Dermactive range of dermato-cosmetic products.    The vision was to introduce a range of pharmaceutical grade dermatological products formulated for the treatment and care of people with sensitive and eczema prone skin. As implied – MUSSVITAL Dermactive products used active ingredients which are helpful for specific skin conditions. These ingredients are delivered in innovative formulations in order to maximise effectiveness and improve the user’s aesthetic experience. All products are dermatologically tested to ensure that they are suitable for people with sensitive or eczema-prone skin.


How the MUSSVITAL range is different than the other products for the sensitive skin? 

The MUSSVITAL Dermactive range consists of a cleanser and skin moisturiser.    Most dermatological grade cleansers are formulated without soap – because soap strips the fat from skin and makes it vulnerable to eczema. However, these soap-free cleansers often do not lather well.    MUSSVITAL Dermactive cleansers uses non-ionic surfactants which produces a nice gentle lather.   It is soap-free but it creates a rich lather.   It also contain re-fatting ingredients to moisturise the skin.   MUSSVITAL Dermactive skin lotions are formulated with ingredients that provide 24-48 hour skin miniaturization.    Unlike many dermatological grade skin lotions – they do not feel greasy or sticky.    We use a proprietary emollient system which provide deep skin moisturisation.   But it drys quickly leaving skin feeling soft and silky smooth. There are two variants of MUSSVITAL Dermactive sold in Singapore.   The Atopic range is meant for those who have eczema prone skin.   The Sensitive range is meant for those with normal and sensitive skin.   The Atopic range contains more lipids and also has botanical ingredients to help relieve itch and calm inflammation.


Can the range be used by all in the family? or is it only for babies. 

Yes. Our products are suitable for the entire family. 


In Singapore, we have tropical weather that causes skin issues. How MUSSVITAL will be helpful for us in our daily skin care. 

Eczema is common in both tropical and temperate countries. The problem in tropical countries is that the hot humid weather can make us feel sweaty and uncomfortable. So we don’t want products that make us feel greasy and sticky. Consumers need skin care products that will protect and care for their skin.   They also want products that are pleasant and easy to use. MUSSVITAL Dermactive are a brand of skin care products which fulfil both goals.          

Any other thoughts / tips / suggestions for people with sensitive skin. 

In order to have healthy skin – you need a regular skin care routine.    Avoid harsh cosmetic products and use a soap-free cleanser that will not strip protective lipids from your skin.    Moisturise your skin daily  – the best time is after your evening shower.   You should also have healthy habits – hydration, sleep, exercise and good nutrition.     And avoid getting stressed out!