Makeup Tips For The Busy Moms

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Regardless if you are preparing to go to work or taking the children to school, a few minutes and some light makeup will prepare you for the day ahead. We all know and agree with the fact that moms do the most difficult, and highly demanding job in the world and that too for 24×7 365 days an year! Even Singapore moms have very little time for themselves.

Read on for some quick makeup tips that will not only make you look good but boost your confidence as well.

Skin Preparation

Preparing your face and skin is very important even before you apply makeup. A clean face that is well moisturized is a pre-requisite before applying makeup. You can squeeze in some time in the night to moisturize your skin and face. Or just after the shower in the morning is not a bad idea too!

Using Foundation For Smoothness

By using skin foundation you eliminate spots and blemishes. Face starts looking smoother and flawless. Some tips to find a great foundation:

  • Go for the long-stay, shine free foundation
  • Do ensure that your special requirements like sensitive skin are addressed by the foundation brand.
  • Find an exact match of your skin tone and work it around the jawline where needed. When applying a matte foundation, blot off the excess oil from your face with a tissue.

We tried Catrice 1-minute perfector which is an affordable, quick-fix solution for busy Singapore moms. Also, we love some of the foundations available at Sephora. Do try!

Eye Enhancement

Want to perk up your tired peepers? Well, a few drops of moisturizing eye drops work wonder in our opinion. Eyes and Brows can create make or break impression so moms also need to pay attention to some details there.

As far as the eyebrows are concerned – shaping them is very important. Also dark circles can hamper the beauty to a great extent so dab some concealer to hide them. Better still, try and catch a good night’s sleep to eliminate them!

  • When you apply Apply concealer under the eyes, go one shade lighter than your skin tone, this helps to brighten up the area.
  • For a fresher look, use white eye-shadow in the inner corner of both the eyes.
  • Apply a soft medium brown facial powder to your upper eyelash line for a softer appearance.
  • Last but not the least, plumping mascara gives a big boost to eyelashes.

Putting On The Glow

For a glowing face that is not too overwhelming, use a bronze dusting powder somewhat lighter than your skin tone. Applying it lightly on the face and neck. Also, a quick blush adds to the overall face value. You can also search for two-in-one lipstick blush combo. It is a quick and easy fix for those busy moms seeking some added color.

To enhance your face’s natural beauty, you can also go for a two-in-one lipstick blush combo. It is a quick and easy fix for those busy moms seeking some added color.

Lip Plumping 

A touch of lipstick or gloss is all it takes to brighten up your face and day. A simple lip balm is the bare minimum that moms must use.

How to get a Pouty look? Here’s a quick tip.

The ridge that surrounds your lips is called the vermillion border, which presents the upper lip with a whitish roll. One trick to fuller more enhanced lips is by applying white eyeliner on your vermillion. Next use light pink lipstick in the center of your bottom lip. These two simple steps will leave you with fuller lips like those of famous celebrities.

Five Minute Fix 

Busy moms have very little time for themselves but these three beauty products are all you need: SPF hydrating facial moisturizer, lip gloss or balm for plump well-defined lips, and a lash curler for eye-popping lashes that stand out.

These quick and easy makeup tips give moms on the go an opportunity to look their best without spending hours in front of a mirror.

Five minutes to spare is all you need to rock all the roles that you play, mama!

Do share with us your quick tips to look beautiful and we will be more than happy to publish them.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these tips. Really it takes a lot of time to get ready and these tips might help us to save some time.

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