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Just the other day, one of the moms was mentioning that of late, she is getting a lot of negative thoughts and she seems to have lost her mojo. Quite common, isn’t it? I am sure at one or many points in our life, we don’t get what we think we deserve leading to disillusionment. We don’t even realize when the negative thoughts occupy our mind and all we do is indulge in self-pity, envy and anger about everything around us. If it’s a temporary phase, then there’s not much to bother about. But if dwelling into negativity becomes a way of life…then dearies, it’s time to take charge and strike back!

Here are my ways to beat negativity and channelize it into something positive. Do read on and lemme know your magic mantras too to tackle it. Believe me, we all need it.

Accept that it’s natural –

Whoever says that they are always 100% positive are telling untrue according to me. Even weather can’t be the same always. Rain, Sun and Clouds is a part of life and no matter how hard we try, negative things will happen and negative thoughts will crop up.

For example: Feeling envy about someone else’s beauty or money or opportunities is natural as long as you know where to stop it. You can’t let that so-called big J of yours ruin your own day. If you do that then it’s foolish of you. Or you can’t scream at your kids because you have lesser outfits than someone else.

Simple logic: Accept that yes, these kind of negative feelings are natural and swallow them with a glass of water. Tell yourself that there are much better things to do in life than bother about someone else’s life.

Talk it out, Laugh it off –

Expressing yourself helps. Catch hold of your hubby or friend or any confidante and talk openly about your feelings and thoughts that are consuming you.

Generally, these people will help you out to declutter and detox your mind and see things in perspective.

A good hearty laugh at your own silliness works for sure.

Be a Better Version of Yourself:

Do you agree that we have to strive to be a better person than we were yesterday?

Learning from lessons of life, mistakes has to happen continuously. If we let negativity dominate us then beware! We are losing out the joy we deserve.

Distract yourself and Do something worthwhile –

Have Patience, Things will be well. Sometimes, self motivation is necessary. We have to focus on doing tasks that are more important.

Negativity kills time, energy and happiness. Get out of that mindset and enjoy what is yours!

Cook a new dish, go to salon, do some shopping and work on your hobbies and ventures. Distraction is the best medicine for negativity.

Don’t compare yourself to others –

As a woman, I think that comparisons come naturally. My jewelry is better than yours, my home is bigger than yours, You earn more than me, your kid gets more marks than mine etc etc etc.

To an extent, yes, do compare and get motivated. Though be cautious! These comparisons can’t eat up your brain. So much so that you keep thinking about it over and over again. Bad bad…

Everyone has their own struggles and we have no idea what’s really going on the other side. We can’t judge someone looking at their glossy Social Media or other outer appearances.

Let them be they and you be you. Easier that way.

Surround yourself with Positive people –

Don’t be the tenant of someone else’s house of negativity. Just because your friends are talking s*** about someone, doesn’t mean you form your opinions instantly and jump the bandwagon of negativity.

My husband hates gossip mongers. With him with me, I can’t dare to gossip at all. This has helped me a lot to curb entertaining gossips. As a fun to an extent is okay but more than that especially when it starts affecting me, I put a stop to it.

Surrounding yourself with like minded, fun people. When you are feeling low or negative or that villain side of yours is eager to come out…just be with these sunshines.

If you are a mom, all you have to do is leave everything aside and have a cute chit chat with your kids. Everything is sorted then!

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