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Myopia is real and just the other day, my daughter was saying that wherever you go, there will be kids with specs – most of them! True indeed because Myopia is very common in Singapore.

Do you know that Myopia is now 9 TIMES more common in Singaporean children than Australian children?

In Singapore, 53% of parents reported issues with their child’s device usage, with too much screen time and face-to-screen distance being the biggest problems.

Agree that it’s a regular thing to spot kids wearing specs but still, which parent doesn’t want to see their kids without specs, looking even more beautiful with shining eyes and playing happily without glasses?!

This is where Ortho-K comes in picture.

What exactly is Ortho-K?

Simply putting, Ortho-K or Orthokeratology are the braces for the eyes. It DOES NOT NEED SURGERY!

In technical jargon, Ortho-K or Orthokeratology or Cornea Refractive Therapy or Corneal Molding, is a non-surgical, reversible process using a unique therapeutic mold to reshape the cornea while you sleep.

You wear Ortho-K lens when you sleep. Then, entire day you don’t have to wear any glasses.

What Ortho-K user has to say?


This is what 13 yr old Eeshaa who has started using Ortho-K molds by Titus Eye Care has to say:

Ortho-K is a very advanced and innovative solution to the common and ever increasing myopia problem. Nowadays you can hardly walk by a street and see anyone without glasses or contact lens. However, Orthokeratology are not your everday lenses, putting them on at night will allow them to reshape your cornea and waking up with them and taking them off afterwards, will allow you to see everything clearly without glasses. Ortho-K lenses are very simple to insert and remove. All you need is some practice.

– You have to follow a certain routine for these lenses, which leads to maximum benefit.
-I had gone to my school camp and couldn’t wear them for a couple of days. I was still be able to see, a tad bit less clearly may be after 1.5 days. Although it is recommended to wear them regularly every night unless you are absolutely unable to.

For me, these lenses have definitely been life altering. Ortho-K lenses will surely boost your confidence and your self esteem.

The staff at Titus Eye Care have also been very friendly, considerate, helpful and instructive. I would have no idea what to do if it werent for them.
All in all, you should definitely invest in these lenses if you are prepared to handle them, take responsibility, and then you are ready for a life changing experience.

We have listed Important pointers for parents who want to start Ortho-K treatment for their kids and why it is important to choose the best eye care clinic when you decide to opt for Ortho-K.

Read more about our Ortho-K Tips n Tricks here.

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