Gadget Review: How Ambi Climate is changing air-conditioning

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AI, Internet of Things, Smart Home are the buzzwords and these hot terms we just can’t ignore even if we want to. These technologies are defining the way our homes are going to function and we have to be ready for this paradigm shift.


We laid our hands on Ambi Climate – World’s First AI Enabled Smart Air Conditioner Controller that takes into consideration humidity, indoor temperature, outside weather, sunlight and time of the day and adjusts aircon in such a way that you feel the most comfortable when it’s on.

While doing its tech and gadget review of it on our parent website RainbowDiaries, we got amazed by the way this technology can make our lives simpler and better.


What we liked about Ambi Climate?

  • It’s AI enabled! AI is a buzzword and as an IT professional, I am so keen to explore more about how AI-enabled Ambi Climate works and learns from our feedback and patterns intuitively.
  • Ambi Climate comes with an app that is super straightforward to use.
  • This gadget looks very cute. Small, steady and effective. Fits in any corner and works quietly.
  • I am exploring how Ambi Climate + Google Home can make things even more convenient for users. “Hey Google, turn on the AC in the living room” and Ambi Climate turns it on. Wow!

Detailed Review on

Buy Ambi Climate here: Ambi Climate website, Qoo10, Challenger, iStudio and more. It ships out of Singapore too.

Download Ambi Climate app on iOS
Download Ambi Climate app on Android

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