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Today I felt like writing something about DIY. DIY is such an interesting topic and an indulging activity for yourself and kids. Kids now a days are very much fantasized and obsessed with stuff out in the stores whether it may be toys, stationery, eatables, clothing etc. which are quite vibrant, attractive and eye catchy. Kids easily fall for them and we can’t blame them either.

What really strikes my mind quite often is food – The Junk Food”. Some food that looks attractive can still be the Junk Food. What a mother should do in that case? I used DIY to make something that is not only healthy but very creative too.

DIYs can so much fun, easy and worth trying at home because kids would love to be part of them. It also gives you an opportunity to let your kids understand about healthy food.

Being a mom of two kids, I always take extra care of their health and food intake. I put my best efforts to avoid feeding the fast foods, sugary and fried stuff. However to satisfy their cravings and for myself to be guilt-free, I chose this DIY dish which is a healthier version.

I recently tried on couple of things that my two girls loved. LOLLIPOPS in a natural, healthier way with easily available ingredients at home and I call it Jaggery Pops and I got an “aww response from my two little kiddos.

Here’s the quick recipe of Jaggery Pops:


Jaggery: 1 cup

Water: 1 cup

Vanilla Essence: Few drops


  • Soak Jaggery in fresh drinking water and strain after 10 minutes to remove any dirt.
  • In a pan add Jaggery , water accordingly and cook on medium flame for about 20-25 minutes. Meanwhile add vanilla essence and keep stirring to avoid burning.
  • Once the syrup is thickened check the consistency by dropping a spoon of Jaggery into a small bowl of water and if you are able to roll any shape, then turn off the flame.
  • Put this thickened syrup in moulds and freeze them till they set, might be an hour or two. Use your creativity to turn them into funny shapes.

That’s it! Kids love to pour jaggery into the moulds and moms don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen to make this quick, healthy and fun Jaggery Pops.

You too DIY them at your home and lemme know how your kids loved it!


Lavanya is a trained Physiotherapist and mom of 2 kids.

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