Food Review: Tulasi Vegetarian Restaurant and Cafe – Hidden Gem for Vegetarians

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When you are around Little India and Farrer Park, you are sure to get spoilt for choices of gastronomic delights as a Foodie. This belt is mainly famous of its offerings of Indian food. Recently, Socialmediamomsg chanced upon visiting Tulasi Vegetarian Restaurant and Cafe and absolutely great food is what I must say.

When it comes to Indian food, there are way too many varieties – South Indian, North Indian, Chindian [Fusion of Indian and Chinese] and so on.

Somehow I keep visiting the same restaurants when am in Little India and Farrer Park and that’s why am calling Tulasi Vegetarian a hidden Gem!

Tulasi Vegetarian Restaurant and Cafe is there for a good 8 years and now only I visited it. Anyways better later than never.

Gigantic Menu

This is the first thing that obviously caught my attention. The menu is HUGE. Not only your usual dishes but there are lots of Malay, Chinese choices availability for vegetarian foodies. Categorised under Mutton, Kebabs, Prawns etc., fret not Vegetarians, this is purely vegetarian food. Whoever says vegetarian food is bland and all, go visit places like Tulasi Vegetarian and you have to eat your words!

Check the menu here.

What I ate?

The portions are BIG and you should share among your family members and friends so the best way to enjoy this food is to go with your clan.

Okay, let’s look at the pics first.

This was the spread that I gave justice too. Absolutely droolworthy, isn’t it?

Well, let me tell you about each dish that you see in above pics:

  • Paneer Mutter Vegetable – Cubes of soft paneer and green peas in a gravy spiced with signature traditional Indian herbs.
  • Mutton Soup – Light and Tasty, this is a traditional herbal soup with chunky meat. The taste is definitely quite unique.
  • Butter Naan – There is a huge list of breads that Tulasi Vegetarian offer but I settled for butter naan. Well, frankly speaking I was not expecting much because many many times, the naans are chewy, stretchy and leathery. Pleasant surprise! the butter naans at Tulasi Vegetarian were soft yet crunchy and with a lovely taste of butter. Thumbs up.
  • Hyderabadi Biryani – marinated mutton and Basmati rice combined to a perfection of spicy Andhra Pradesh taste.
  • Dalcha, Tulasi Achar and Raita

This Dalcha was lip-smacking and a perfect accompaniment to the Biryani.

Closer look at the Biryani. Each grain of rice can be seen clearly.

I loved the fresh parsley that they sprinkled on Panner Mutter vegetable.

Mutton soup is a great appetiser. Look at the mock mutton pieces inside it.

Good food must end with an equally good dessert. So here is my Gula Melaka – extremely delightful.

Gula Melaka is a Malay special sago pudding made with palm sugar topped with vanilla ice cream and garnished with coconut flakes. Heavenly!

My rating

Food: Definitely 4.5 out of 5. I want to go back to Tulasi Vegetarian Restaurant and Cafe and check out some more dishes for sure. Their food presentation is also quite nice.

Ambience: Not very fancy but bright and clean. I would give 4/5

Service: humble staff and quick service. 4.5/5

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  1. This sounds a great vegetarian restaurant for people like me, who want that droolworthy spread too. But is mutton considered as vegetarian option there in Singapore?

  2. The food looks delicious and going by your experience described in this post, I really must visit Tulasi restaurant soon.

  3. I’m not that fond of veg food. But everything here looks so tempting and delicious. Would love to give them a visit.

  4. The food looks really amazing and so tempting too. Now I have an exclusive veg place when I come down there. It’s nice to see you amace with good ratings regarding food and I can imagine how much you loved it

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