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Women are the natural architects of the world. As a proud woman I wish you all a very Happy Woman’s day and this month of March!

The thought with which I woke up today was being fit. We have a strong argument that the fitness is always about your physical strength. I personally feel that it’s both physical & mental well being that are very much essential for a balanced life.

We do not need to become a fitness freak to maintain our body or figure but a few simple & basic changes to your lifestyle, diet and physical activity help to keep one fit.

Here are my few tips for moms to be fit

  • Maintaining proper diet: try to include fresh preparations at home like simple salads, fresh fruit juices, replacing sugar with jaggery, honey or date syrup.
  • More fluid intakes in the form of water, juices, detox waters. Personally I rely everyday on cucumber detox water which works like a wonder.
  • Big NO to sedentary lifestyle and include physical activity like short walks, taking steps instead of escalators, bicycling etc.
  • Taking small proportionate meals also leads to keeping yourself fit besides early dinners.

Mental Fitness plays important role in balancing life, it is very much essential and needed for woman of all age groups to face challenges in every walk of life.  Here are some more tips to achieve this:

  • “ME time” is a crucial element. Do take time for yourselves to explore your interests & Hobbies.
  • Hanging out with your friends.
  • Pampering ourselves with relaxing beauty regimens like spa.
  • Grab lunch or dinner from your favorite restaurants.

All these can appear to be common & funny but the result would be so positive to build up your confidence and to recoup of energy.

Do share more tips that you follow to remain fit mentally and physically with us!

Lavanya J.

Lavanya is a trained Physiotherapist and mom of 2 wonderful daughters.

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