Family: Covid-19 Tips and Tricks from a Mom

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There is a complete chaos around us and we can’t deny the fact that Covid-19 has turned our lives upside down. There’s an atmosphere of fear, panic and constant stress understandably so.

As a parent, we are bringing you a few links to read. Do share your thoughts with us. #SocialMediaMomSG

✅ We did a bit of a flashback and here’s How it all began for us in Singapore!

✅ It began and dashed all our hopes of travelling and having fun during kids’ March Holidays. We explored some ways to make the maximum of holidays (and a period of lockdown for our readers who are overseas).

✅ We have to accept our fears if we have to overcome them. There is no denying that Covid-19 is literally giving us nightmares. Here we share a few tips and tricks to manage the anxiety – tried and tested!

✅ Spam, Hoax, Junk – different names but same malicious content. Trust ONLY Authentic news from trusted channels. Also, are you struggling to keep kids engaged during this stay-home-stay-safe period? We have included hundreds of ways to try with your kids. And Work from Home success formulas too!

Stay home, stay safe, practice Safe-distancing and be socially responsible. This too shall pass!

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