Family and Kids: What type of Mom are you?

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Hey ya all, our site is for moms and obviously you will see lots of contents that we all feel and live. So what type of Mom are you?

Read on and tell us in comments!


Roar! You are a tiger mom if you are strictest and want your kids to follow routine and rules set by you. You want things to move in a certain order at your home and for your kids. Kids must follow.

By the way, have you read writer Amy Chua‘s book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother?


Hover around the kids 24×7 is your idea of parenting. As a helicopter mom you have no qualms in sticking your nose in kids’ all businesses.

I almost wanted to accompany my daughter when she went for her overnight school camp. Wanted to get a hotel room near her camp location etc. Do you have such helicopter traits too?

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You are an attachment mom if you have believed and religiously practised breastfeeding, babywearing and co-sleeping as many years as you could. Attachment parenting is a concept created by pediatrician Dr. William Sears and has scientific concepts behind it. It emphasizes on strong emotional and physical attachment with kids.

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Loyal, very loving and fiercely protecting – that’s Dragon Mom for you. Dragon mom is all about enjoying every moment of present with the kid accepting who they are and for what they would become when they grow up.

5. Lawnmower or Bulldozer Mom:

All moms love to protect their kids from adversities. But a Lawnmower Mom can go to any extend to safeguard their kids from any kind of a struggle, challenge or failure. They try their best to mow it down before it reaches near their kids.

While helicopter mom hovers and tiger mom roars, Lawnmower mom takes care of everything that she feels might pose challenge for her kids.

Do you find that it’s not really good to be the barrier between kids and failures? Kids must face roadblocks if they eventually want to be successful in life?

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6. Free Range Mom:

When I first heard this term, it reminded me of the free range eggs that you get in the supermarket. Well, Free Range mom trusts her kids, gives them freedom to explore and take their decisions after equipping them with life skills.

Personally, I believe that this style works well with kids who are older enough to understand their own responsibilities, who know that safety is a must to follow and who can choose between right and wrong.

All moms always want the best for their kids. When I look at myself, I think am a combination of all the above styles. I can’t be roaring all the time and I can’t be setting them completely free all the time! I can’t nag them endlessly neither I should chase them everywhere. Not overdoing any kind of parenting style is what works best for me. How about you all?

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  1. I recently read a book by Dr. Shimi Kang where she advocates “Dolphin Moms”. That’s the one I most identify with. You should check out the book 😊

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