Parenting: Decoding your Tween / Teen

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In the WhatsApp groups of Moms that we run, there are often very interesting discussions that happen. Sometimes the conversations center around newborns and toddlers where we share our experiences on things like newborn weaning and breastfeeding, toddler tantrums. Sometimes the focus shifts to pre-schoolers and how to choose a good pre-school for them or how to select the enrichment classes etc.

Many a times, people assume that once the kids go to higher-Primary that is once they turn 10+ years, things are like a cakewalk and moms can heave a sigh of relief. No, not my dear! It’s never that simple. Once a mom always a mom. It’s just that challenges get different. Last time, you used to wonder whether the kid is eating properly. Once they enter their tweens-teens, the question is what’s going on their mind. These kids can suddenly become such strangers. It’s very crucial to decode these young minds as these years are so so important for all in the family.

Parents, there starts a new phase of your parenting journey. Read on tips and tricks shared by one of the moms that will surely help you to decode your tween/teen.


Do share with us your point of views and experiences of “dealing” with tweens/teens. I am sure they will be immensely helpful for all moms out there.


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  1. I am still dealing with the terrible twos and the tween years seem far away! This post has helped put the future in perspective! Thank you 😊

  2. That is so true… Once kids turn 12+, they get more engaged with their friends… And with the hormones raging, it’s hard to decode what’s going on in their minds!

  3. I believe kids today need mentors and other adults that really believe in them. A lot of parents are working, and kids don’t always get to have life conversations with them. If kids have a couple extra adults in their life that can mentor them and believe in them, I think they will avoid bad decisions and they will have a much better chance to succeed.

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