Lifestyle: Did you know these uses of ground COFFEE?

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This post will help you to achieve a safe home, a beautiful body, and a splendid garden.
That ground coffee that you discard without thinking twice is now an ally for health and comfort in your home, not to mention in your garden and even in your physical appearance. To know more tips that how to reuse coffee powder go to: Coffeelifious.

Know the most useful uses of coffee grounds, and take advantage of their properties every day.


1. Sharpen needles and metals:

Let the coffee grounds dry and put them in a small cloth bag. It is great to put pins and needles that also removes rust and sharpens them.

Do something similar with dry used coffee, put it in jars and leave there knives, scissors, garden tools and other sharp metals.

2. Drive away fleas and ticks:

It will also help you protect your pet. After your bath, sprinkle the coat (avoiding the face and genital area) with ground coffee used.

Scrub gently, and then rinse well. This remedy is safe, but in any case consult with the veterinarian before using it, because caffeine is toxic for many animals and can cause irritation to your pet.

3. Zoom out insects:

Many insects avoid approaching or walking on ground coffee, both fresh and used.

Just put a little in the corners where you’ve noticed ants, snails or other insects, and avoid their visits.

4. Aromatize candles:

When preparing coffee, leave the filter with the coffee to dry outdoors. Then, add it to melted paraffin, or create a candle making layers of wax and coffee. It will leave the smell of the mornings in all your environments.

5. Uses of coffee grounds in the kitchen:

The used coffee and also the new one are ideal for tenderizing meats.

Do not you believe it?

Test it:Before cooking, put the raw meat in a bag and add ground coffee, and leave to marinate for 2 to 3 hours.

This will make the meat more tender for its natural acids and, at the same time, it will leave a mild smoky flavor that will surprise you.

6. Clean chimneys and grills:

It is also great for absorbing dirt adhering to chimneys, grills and barbecues.

Once the fire and embers have been extinguished, sprinkle used ground coffee and let it act a few hours before cleaning or sweeping.

7. Clean pans and pots:

Before spending hours scrubbing, sprinkle greased pots and pans with coffee.

Leave on and then go over with damp cloths.

8. A refrigerator without a bad smell:

Place a small dish with the used coffee already dry inside the refrigerator: it will absorb excessive humidity and bad odors, leaving a refreshing fragrance.

Uses of ground coffee in the garden

9. Drive away pests:

Create a barrier of dry or wet ground coffee, already prepared or new, to scare away snails, slugs, and many other species of your plants.

10. Fertilizer and fertilizer:

The coffee grounds are also a great fertilizer and fertilizer for many species (those that prefer acid media to thrive). Just mix with the soil of your plants.

11. Improve the land:

The coffee used adds organic material to the soil, improves water retention, and favors the aeration of the land, which favors the development of beneficial microorganisms for your crops.

12. Nourish the compost:

It provides potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus, as well as organic matter, and complements it very well with the elements that provide carbon, such as dry leaves.

Uses of Coffee for Skin and Beauty

13. Goodbye cellulite:

It is great to stimulate blood circulation and, with it, improve the appearance of the skin with cellulite.

Melt neutral glycerin soap and mix it with the dry coffee grounds. Use it daily in the affected areas, in gentle circular movements. Rinse well.

14. Exfoliate your skin:

Mix dry ground coffee with a little olive oil or coconut oil, and use as a body scrub and facial that will remove dead cells and dirt, and will give your skin energy.

15. Younger eyes:

The coffee eraser helps you to remove the bags under the eyes and lightens the dark circles.

Mix with enough water to make a paste, and put on clean and dry skin (being careful not to put it on your lacrimal or inside the eye).

Leave on for 15 to 20 minutes, and rinse with cold water. Dry without rubbing

16. A splendid hair :

It helps to remove dirt and debris from hair cosmetic products.

When you finish washing it, massage it with a little wet coffee, in the hair and on the scalp. Leave on for about 5 minutes, and then rinse well.

One coffee and so many uses! Do try and share with others too!

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