Beauty: 7 amazing beauty finds for cool moms

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We are bringing you 7 amazing Beauty Finds that we tried out recently and you must check them out too. Do try and let us know your feedback too.

1. Onsen Experience right here in Singapore with Yunomori Onsen and Spa

We loved loved loved the liberating, rejuvenating Onsen experience at Yunomori Onsen and Spa. Pics inside the Onsen are strictly not allowed but here’s a quick dekko at the yummlicious food they have in their cafe.We tried out “Koshihikari” rice bath alongside with the rest of our five to six other types of baths! Yes, Thai massage too after the relaxing Onsen.Check our review here.

2. Bata Singapore’s #NewArrivalsEveryFriday

Bata is our favourite place for shoes since the time I remember. School shoes were the first purchase that many of us have done at Bata. Now, Bata brings some cool designs for all and that too every Friday, they bring new designs. Wow!Check Bata Shoes shopping deets here.

3. Gaston Luga Backpack

Your search for good backpack ends here with Gaston Luga. This Swedish brand is simply awesome when it comes to backpacks, passport holders, name tags and so on.

Use SocialMediaMomSG code “shubsg” that will give you a straight 15% discount! Free delivery worldwide.

Check more about Gaston Luga in this post.

4. ESPA Sleep Ritual at Resort World Sentosa

ESPA looks like a dream and the sleep ritual that we experienced was such a bliss. Read our review here.ESPA Sleep Ritual is a 90-minute treatment created to promote restful and rejuvenating sleep. It begins with breathing and visualisation exercises guided by a therapist to release physical and emotional anxiety while restoring energy. A deeply indulgent and sleep-inducing body massage follows using a combination of hot stones and warm oils to soothe deep-seated muscular tensions. Next is a therapeutic scalp massage, clearing the mind for total relaxation. The journey ends at the peaceful sleep zone, where specially-designed sleep pods with built-in music and soothing lights lull guests into slumber as they relax and let their bodies fully absorb the lasting effects of the treatment. We loved the fact that the consultants at ESPA were very competent and such a great service quality.

We think you should also consider visiting ESPA for that much needed pampering or just gift this treat to your loved ones too.

5. Ceradan’s skin care range for sensitive and exzema-prone skin

We were privileged to attend this intimate luncheon with Ceradan Singapore at Como Cuisine where we learnt more about how Ceradan can help to moisturize the skin thoroughly and help alleviate the symptoms of Eczema.

Check out more about Ceradan here.

6. Blow Out Rebonding at Focus Hairdressing Chinatown – 

If you are looking to get a nice new look, if you prefer value for money and if you prefer experienced consultants who know what they are doing, then go visit Focus Hairdressing.

They really did good job for my hair and do check out this post.

7. Needleless Threadlift at Dr. Spa –

We found this facial COMPLETE. Why? Read on this blog post. All the steps about this treatment are mentioned in detail.

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  1. If I had to pick, I would definitely select ESPA Sleep Ritual at Resort World Sentosa. Nothing can be more beautiful and relaxing then this I feel. Thanks for shaing this helpful list. I am going to bookmark this post for sure.

  2. Wow..I just loved the Gaston Luga Backpack and wish to enjoy some me time in Hairdressing Chinatown ..Thanks for sharing this with us!!

  3. Wow that is quite a range of services you have mentioned! Beauty does not have to be just skin-deep.. it goes much beyond that in today’s day and age.

    • Everything is exicting i love spa.. never heard of something called sleep ritual ..that’s definitely interesting for me

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