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As a mom, we have to literally stand and run 24×7 and have to get an infinite things done in a jiffy. Can we imagine the stress that we put on our legs and feet? At the same time, when we are at the workplace or have to attend events and special occasions, we have to look presentable from top and toe. What if your shoes refuse to cooperate and rather than making it easy and comfy for your legs and feet, they actually make it worse? Nightmare indeed! Thanks to Bata for unveiling Bata Flexible Collection that is treating my legs and feet so well.

Bata’s Flexible Collection with NEW ORTHOLITE FOAM TECHNOLOGY

Bata Flexible Collection merges classic shoes styles like the Moccasin and Derby with ortholite Foam Technology for its latest July 2019 collection that fuses contemporary design with outstanding comfort. The four staple shoe designs go in line with the brands New Since 1894 campaign, one that honors their rich heritage in shoe-making while continuously striving for modern exuberance.

I visited Bata’s Peninsula Plaza outlet and got myself a cool pair from Bata’s Flexible Collection and now I can stand long hours, run around in them…without any troubles. My feet are thanking me for sure!

Paired with Ultra flex Rubber outsole partly made of recycled rubber content, the shoes in this collection offers outstanding elasticity, resistance and comfort all under an unbeatable price point. The collection offers four styles of the Moccasin, Dress Slip On and Derby in matte and glossy finishing. Colors range from neutral tones of browns, grey and black. Available for Gentlemen and Ladies both.

The latest Bata Flexible collection is now available at selected Bata stores in Singapore. Do check out!

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  1. oh this is absolutely great news!!! I am a BATA loyalist, and comfort is the need of the body as I continue to push myself without wanting to compromise on my footwear nor on the style component. I cant wait to check these out.

  2. True, as a mom running around is just another chore and such comfortable shoes are specially what anyone needs! Love that bata hasn’t compromised on designs for comfortt

  3. Bata is my favorite footwear brand since my childhood… From those school shoes to my belly, sandals to slippers, its all bata . I am so glad they have come up with amazing designs and comfortable patterns now.

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