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Before you read further, please note! To apply following prediction for yourself, you must know your moon sign in your Vedic astrology chart made as per date, time and place of birth.

Moon Sign is the Zodiac sign in which the Moon is placed at the time of birth OR Zodiac sign that rules the first initial of your name.

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Let’s see what stars have in store for us in 2019.



From start of year 2019 till 4th February can bring you unnecessary stress and expenditure. Time is very fruitful after that. New ventures will prove successful. Especially from 29th March to 21st April and again after 3rd November to year end, all efforts in field of education, promotion and religion will bring name, fame and success.

Speculations will prove profitable. Time period from 23rd June to 7th August will be bad for health and can bring losses. Work committed will not complete.

Second half of the year will be good for fathers, religious work and travels. Year is good to deal in property and foreign related stuff.


Year 2019 will begin with expenditures on luxuries or jewellery etc. Pending work since long will start moving. Time is not good for health and is bringing you mental stress and opposition from near ones. This is due to dhaiyya effect of the Saturn. From 29th January to 23rd February will prove waste of efforts and obstacles. After that delayed work will complete. From 9th September to 3rd October is showing separation or fights or distance from near ones. Health will be affected by hormonal imbalance. Mind will find solace in the loneliness.


The struggle you are passing through will continue for the full year. Exceptionally good times in this year are: 29th March to 22nd April followed by 4th November to year end with blessing of guru and good karma. Success and increase in income sources will be in this time. However 20th January to 6th February is not good health-wise and showing increase of expenditures. New work not to start during 25th February to 2nd March. Year is overall good for education, spiritual achievements and awards.


This year is good for a change of house or work place. New opportunities will be fruitful. High status people will add to your social circle. Situation will not be clear till 6th March and decisions may go wrong in this time. But after that situation will automatically become favourable. There can be losses due to somebody’s influence and control in making decisions. Time is good for speculations and investments. New achievements in spiritual and religious matters will be very encouraging. Foreign related income or benefits will increase.


2019 is starting with frustrations and disagreements with relatives. But you will win over the situation. 14th January to 12th February is bringing delays at work. Anger can spoil things. 29th March to 22nd April is very good time for new ventures, name and fame. 5th November to year end is the time for religious activity, auspicious celebrations and spiritual achievements.


Health and relationship wise the year is difficult due to dhaiyya effect of the Saturn. Increase in expenditure will be compromised by increase in income. Financially May to August will bring good hopes and highs. September is showing place change or work responsibility change, could be a promotion too. Overall delays and obstacles will be resulting in mental stress.


This year from 10th May to 3rd June are the best days to enjoy health and wealth benefits. From January till March end, efforts will be fruitful. More efforts will bring more benefits. 4th June to 28th June are very good for travel, holiday and enjoyment. June and July are good for work progress. High status important people will add to your circle. Later half of the year is a bit stressful for health and may result in extra expenses.


Your best time of 2019 is between 22nd April to 4th November, in which you will gain and succeed in spite of adverse circumstances and obstacles. Material and spiritual gains are encouraging. This year Sadesati effect will be resulting in delays at work and mental stress. Health wise weak time period is 7th May to 8th June in this time, be careful while driving and take extra care of your health.


This is weakest sign this year. Saturn resulting in Sadesati effect coupled with Ketu without any blessings of Jupiter seems to put forth a struggle full year and worries. Obstacles and losses are likely to affect family and finances. However, February is sprouting a new courage and income resources. October-November will also bring good news from relatives and adding high status people to your circle.


Time is very positive after 7th March giving you relief from unnecessary expenditures and health troubles. Sadesati effect is still showing stress and losses. This year is giving expenses more than income which can be wisely managed. Keep away from debts and legal matters. March onwards, stars will be bringing respect and rewards for your efforts. Travel to farther places will be enjoyable and fruitful. Stuck work will move and complete.


Increase in expenses will be compensated by increase in income. New opportunities will show up. April is very promising for gains. Disputes will be resolved. September will bring hopes for a good news. October to December is busy with auspicious celebrations. November is bringing luxuries and increase in finances. Keep peace with relatives and friends.


Almost whole year is blessed with Jupiter’s blessings. 8th August to 9th November will increase expenditures and anger. January is full of opportunities. Year is bringing many good people into your life. New achievements and income resources will add up to your profile. Last quarter is stressful from health point of view.

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