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We the Social Media Mom SG

Social Media Mom SG is an ode to all moms who strive to do their best for their kids and families and at the same time don’t want to limit themselves only to that role. They leverage the power of Social Media to grow and explore new exciting opportunities for themselves and their families.

Our Story

Everyone has a story and so do we. Founded by Shubhada – working mom of 2 and an IT professional, it all began by forming a Facebook Group “SIndiapore” that went on to become a guiding light for locals and expats.

Later came RainbowDiaries.com that became one of the Top websites in Singapore and India in a short span of 3 years. RainbowDiaries.com touches a rainbow of topics ranging from product reviews, gadgets, money matters alongside activities for kids and so on. We do global collabs with brands from India, USA and Malaysia too for RainbowDiaries.

Our story began from Social Media but it didn’t remain limited there. We were blogging and influencing that led to event organization. Members of our Social media insisted that we should meet in person too. Mom N Me Fashionista is our signature event for moms that has already had 3 seasons!

After meeting some amazing moms in our journey, we thought that we need a dedicated website that is all about moms and how they can unlock the power of Social Media to empower each other. Hence, SocialMediaMomSG.com! We will strive to live it up to the expectations. We are also committed to use the platform of SocialMediaMomSG.com for supporting our MomTribe and promoting positive use of Social Media.

Meet the Team

Kavita Singh – Co-founder and Pillar of strength

Kavita is a calm, ever-smiling homemaker and a wonderful mom of 2 boys. What she does, she does with a complete dedication. A well-known name in the field of Indian events in Singapore, Kavi herself is a success story of Social Media. We have seen no one else who makes such a positive use of Social Media.

Behind her calm exterior lies a passionate person who is empowered and lends helping hand to all. By the way, you must taste her yummy food!

Shubhada B – Founder and Busy Bee

If Kavita is calm then Shubhada is an exact opposite! Hyper active and an effective Multitasker, Shub wants to do everything at the same time. Combo of new ways of thinking and yet rooted to traditions, Shub is an interesting mix of contrasts.

Playing with kids, Going on coffee and movie dates with hubby, Working on something new and exciting is her forte.

Saraswathi Iyer – Co-founder and Food Blogger

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We believe that we can help you in every possible way! Whether you are looking for a feature in our sites or product / gadget reviews Or you are planning kids activities Or you are in the business of beauty, food and lifestyle, we definitely have lots to offer.


or Drop us a line on SocialMediaMomSG@gmail.com / RainbowDiariesWorld@gmail.com

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