5 New Year Resolutions that all Moms must make [and stick to]

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Mom is a mom is a mom. Period! But still it is important for us to be reminded about the core things that we must always take care of. Happy New Year 2020 and that’s the best reason to make these 6 New Year Resolutions. Hopefully we will stick to them because they are simple and straightforward to follow and most importantly go with the natural instincts of mothers and ladies.

Disconnect to Connect

Every day, there must be a time of at least 15 minutes where there is NO DISTRACTION and nothing comes in between you and your kids. No gadget, no TV and no screens in any forms. These 15 minutes of sheer magic of focused interaction is all you need on a daily basis.

Don’t Make too much fuss of house work

Seriously, the world won’t come to an end if you don’t cook for a day or you don’t do a laundry for a day. Moms love to remain busy 24×7 but that doesn’t mean you should keep doing the house work all the time.

Touch, Hug, Kiss

Kids love to get pampered with toys but the most valuable thing they look forward to is hugs and kisses by mom. Even your husband needs this dose! So ensure that touch forms a crucial part of your communication at home.

Maintain Happy state of Mind

I know it’s easier said than done. Only ladies can understand how we go through the mood swings and how minuscule of incidents can affect us badly and beyond anyone’s imagination. Take a pause and analyze your feelings. Talk to your spouse or friend, vent out your feelings. Work on this aspect consciously and maintain Happy state of Mind as much as you can. Happy mom = Happy Kids = Happy Family

Make Lifestyle changes and devote some time to your own well-being

Backache or headache or fever, mom must wear the robe of a Superhero always and there are no excuses to this job. While we are wearing multiple hats, lets not forget to pay attention to our health and overall well being. Get on a treadmill or try some healthier food options, New Year is the best time to start.

What are your New Year Resolutions? Share with us in below comments.

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